1/2 year of Heidi-loo-who

True to form, I didn't look at the calendar for a few days, so I had no idea that yesterday was the 30th.  Oh, the glamorous life of a stay-at-home mom!  Also, true to form, on the day I have the time and desire to do a photo shoot... it's dreary and raining outside.  Ho hum.  I'm gonna get a few thoughts/ highlights written down and posted and will post a pic as soon as the sun peeks out.

Heidi's personality is blooming!  Every time her dad gives her the tiniest bit of attention, she begins wiggling in delight.  It's hilarious.  All he has to do is glance at her!  He likes to sit her on top of the table in her bumbo during meal times to include her in our chatting.  She watches us eat and tries to eat the gourds and/or monkey balls that I have on the table as fall decoration.  Seriously... those things are ridiculously huge for her baby hands and yet she loves to hold/drop/gum them.

She continues to find her older sister captivating.  She spends her time watching her bounce around the house and giggling each time Hazel gets down on the floor to interact with her.  Any time Heidi cries, Hazel runs to find Heidi a toy.  She's still perfecting the art of actually getting the toy in Heidi's hands and not just sitting the toy somewhere near Heidi.

She's had a cold for about a week, so I fear that right now her reaction to me is not as pleasant as each time I pick her up or sit on her play mat, I wipe her nose.  Boy does she hate that!  Oh wait, I just peered around the couch to look at her and got a huge smile.  Sigh.  She is generous with her smiles, it's just hard to see it around the two fingers that are ALWAYS in her mouth (the pointer and middle fingers of her left hand).

She can sit for a few seconds before toppling and there have been a few times when we think she's about ready to push onto her knees.  OH NO!  Come back here baby!

She is a cuddle bunny who loves to snuggle into arms, have her toes kissed and rub cheeks.  She continues to take wonderful naps throughout the day.  Now that I am babysitting some other kids, I am learning how unique my wonderful nappers are.  I'm so lucky that my girls love their nap times!  Grow brains grow!

FYI:  I'm typing this while enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee on this 3-cup dreary morning.  Hazel is next to me on the couch watching Calliou (I allow TV until my coffee is consumed).  She is captivated by the TV, her lips are blue from her lollipop (her current addiction is lollipops.  I do make sure she eats breakfast first.  Her other favorite snack...  pbut ted bears {peanut butter and teddy bear honey sandwich} and TOMATO SLICES!), and she is putting her toes in her mouth.  What a weirdo ;)


  1. where did you get the idea to put tomatoes on a peanut butter and honey sandwich?
    Heidi sounds like a cutie!
    Can't wait to see her!

  2. Happy 1/2th year, dear Heidi.


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