name in print... CHECK!

There are 3 types of people reading this post:

1.  Someone who typed "Breech Birth" or something similar into their search engine.  I've had over 1000 people read the birth story I posted on this blog last April.  That post has been removed until November out of respect to a wonderful publication.  Why?  Keep reading!

2.  Someone who read my Birth story in Natural Child Magazine and followed my bio to this blog.  WELCOME!  I'd love to hear from you so please leave a comment or send me an email.

3.  My loyal readers.  I never made a Bucket List of things to do before 30.  If I had, I would have thought it too ambitious to admit that I've always wanted to make a dress (CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK.  I've made four this week!).  And I would have thought it too impossible to even dream of seeing my name in print (CHECK).  I have 10 days left... what other ambitious goals should I set out to achieve?

"A Breech Home Birth"... sound familiar?
I'm thrilled to be included in the Sept/Oct issue of Natural Child Magazine!  It's $19.50 US for a digital subscription.  Or if you know me personally, I'm sure I'll be shoving the printed version in your face :)


  1. Booyah! You ARE amazing, this is virtual proof!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! So excited for you!


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