it's hip to be square

Phenomenal.  I've decided to turn 30 every year from now on ;)  Actually I'm going to work really hard to age gracefully and not try to hide my age.  We'll check back in on that goal in about 10 years :)

My SQUARE DANCE birthday party was my all-time favorite birthday party.  70-plus people joined us for an evening of food, drink, laughter and of course... dancing.  

Here are some visual highlights:

The attire:
The Kosker quartet decked out in homemade attire.
The decor:

All of the party printables were made by Snowcones & Lollipops (missing a pic of the birthday banner hung over the buffet).  They certainly made the whole event seem more pulled together.  One friend even asked me to plan/design her next birthday bash.  I say "sure, as long as it has a western theme"... you know... so I can wear my sweet Stetson boots!  The cupcakes are on the "pie tree" that my father made for my sister's wedding reception.  The cupcakes were made by Sweet Malu. If you live north of Pittsburgh (Butler-ish) and need some baked goods... ask me for SM's info.  Seriously.  Never have I ever heard people gush about cupcakes before.  Sooo tasty.  Hubby and I are still in a debate on whether the chocolate/chocolate or the spice/cream cheese were the best (def the spice/cream cheese.  hands down!).

The shenangians:

We didn't capture nearly enough photos of the crowd or the dancing.  That's what happens when you're having TOO MUCH FUN!  I did get a FlipVideo camera for my birthday... so there may be a video posted in the near future... once I figure out how to do that.  We fumbled our way through 4 dances... worked off any extra calories we ate that night!  As you can see, as the evening progressed... the hootenannies (it's a word if I write it!) took off!  Who knew one can do a strip dance with a skinny tie?  Or that saddles on a wooden saw horse can actually hold grown men?  Or for that manner... that Ron Jeremy (according to the name on his cup) can ride a toddler's pink rocking horse?

Oh man.  It was awesome.  Thanks to all of those who shared the special day with me.  I felt loved.  I feel happy.  


  1. Sounds like a great time! Sad I missed it, although I AM happy to report that I did a little square dancing at the wedding Ross & I were at. Don't ask :) Now I'm looking forward to my own 30th bday party....you & Michelle have set the standards high!! ha!

  2. That looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

    What a great way to celebrate such a big birthday.

    Happy belated 30th (or in my world, its Happy 2nd annual 29th birthday).

  3. Looks AWESOME! 70 people?! Holy moly!

  4. The outfits turned out great! Looks like a fun party. I'd love the info for the cupcake place. Dylan's family lives in the Butler area, and Dylan is a huge fan of cupcakes. We'd love to get some next time we are in town.

  5. LOOKS AWESOME! Glad you had so much fun and I love the pictures!!!

  6. Ohhhhhh...it looks like so much fun! Glad you had a terrific party to usher in your new decade. :)

  7. YAY!! I'm so glad everything went well for you! You look amazing, thrilled that 70 people came out to celebrate you!

  8. I am so behind on blog reading!! It looks absolutely amazing Julie! You really did a great job pulling everything together. Happy 30th!!!

    PS Thanks for the shout out


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