the allure of the word "hibernation" and being a feathered friend

This morning Hazel pulled me out of bed at 5:30.  This is after about an hour of lying in my bed together, lying in her bed together, lying in my bed listening for sounds that she is not going to stay in her bed.  As I snuggled into the couch on this very chilly morning, I cat napped to the sounds of Caillou and then Sesame Street.

The episode on Sesame Street was teaching the word "hibernation".  A big word for a little tyke.  Hazel's speech has been snowballing and words that I never expect her to know continue to pour out of her mouth.  So tomorrow, she'll probably point tell me NO HIBERNATION when she pulls me out of bed before the sunrise.

Hibernation: 5 months of uninterrupted sleep.  I think we can all agree that that idea holds some major allure!

However, then I look over to my 5 month old who is one sweet pile of goo and giggles, I hardly want to sleep for 5 hours for fear of wasting precious time.  Until this week, I've been confident in my "NO MORE BABIES" mantra.  I've loved each minute of Heidi, but don't feel sad at the prospect of being past the newborn stage in life.  Now that she is responding to us, craning her neck and body to be a part of our conversations, begging for attention, smelling of milk/saliva/baby/soap... I am fighting back the desire to freeze time.  Last night Jake pulled out the tissues in preparation of the big 6 month milestone which is rapidly approaching.  That is when I introduce solids (probably)... that is when my baby ceases to be made up entirely of me (I'm aware of the selfish nature of that sentence).
To wrap up with a totally unrelated subject:  Yesterday was the first day I've had a really sick baby.  Hazel had a high fever and spent the entire day napping on the couch.  Watching her frolic around the house as I write this, it seems unbelievable that she in fact spent an entire day resting!  While I spent wasted a lot of time reading blogs and dreaming/project idea gathering on pinterest, I also put my sedentary day to use.  Hazel whimpered each time I left the couch, so what's a lazy mama to do but simply stay on the couch and cuddle her sick baby?  While I was sitting, I was inspired to FINALLY create a mobile for the nursery.

I've been wanting to make an owl or bird mobile for about 3 years now.  Hazel played with her mobiles, but not like Heidi.  Heidi squirms in delight and spends huge chunks of time swinging her hands into mobiles.

Inspiration and FREE pattern here.  This weekend I will glue the birds to sticks, balance them, and hang it above her crib in such a way as it can be raised and lowered.  I love getting stuff done... and love these easy hand-sewn birds!

One of the smartest things I've ever done was choose nursery FABRICS instead of a true theme.  I picked out three coordinating Amy Butler prints and gave swatches to anyone who asked.  As a result, I have TWO gorgeous baby quilts, a diaper bag backpack, curtains, a footstool, and cushions for my rocking chair ALL made out of this fabric!  I still have a bag of scraps of each fabric and barely dented the stack to make these tiny birds.  Perhaps I'll make 50 more... or save the fabric for another inspired day!

and that my feathered friends, is how you write a tangent-filled blog post off the cuff.


  1. LOVE IT!!! I am in the process of making a butterfly quilt for Grace's first birthday. I have extra fabric and I am going to make a bird mobile out of that fabric. This is all so our gender neutral nursery can be transformed into a little girl's room. Thank you for the idea!!!!

  2. Fabric for the baby's room is the best indeed... I remember choosing various fabrics for my babes and I love them still to this day :)

  3. I love the birds! Perfect. I can't believe Heidi going to be 6 months already! I need to come visit again and enjoy more of her cuddles:)


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