tis the season

I did it... I beat EVERYONE... this is a CHRISTMAS POST!

Oh no you didn't?  Oh yes I AM!

Last night I was googling gift ideas after spending a night at each of my in-laws' homes and secretly looking around for gift ideas.  And then today, on her way to her first day of school (hope she's not wearing lime and hot pink like she used to wear for this big day), my sister called to chat about my Christmas gift.  Last year, I asked her... in no uncertain terms... to please make my family of 4 coordinating stockings, out of felt, with our names on them, that match the advent calendar she made for us a few years ago:
Awesome, eh?  AND for the record, I also painted a wall gray before it was the trendiest thing in the world.
I am SO cutting edge!

Now, before you pick up that finger to shake it at me AGAIN, you should know that if I hadn't specifically asked for this gift, my sister would have made me something ANYWAY!  You should also know that for her, making something like a stocking is EASY AS PIE.  Wait, baking a pie is actually not easy.  Suffice to say, that she'll whip up said stockings while watching a movie and bouncing her almost one-year old on her knee. She's wicked talented and totally underestimates her worth, which is why she STILL doesn't have an Etsy store.  She thinks EVERYONE can make stuff and have it look the way her stuff looks.  Uh... have you ever met ME... you know... your sister whose only artistic talent is bubble letters?

Ok, so Christmas gift giving is ON MY MIND (sorry Carolina!  anyone following that tangent?).

Last Spring, hubby and I decided (I told him) that we would buy one Christmas gift a month and therefore be able to buy everything with cash and not have a panic attack in December.  Guess how well we've done with that goal?  ZERO!  Blame the property tax, school tax and house falling apart faster then we can repair it.  ('nother tangent... I'm not complaining about taxes... just saying that those bills were due this summer and they were OUCH!).

We try to spend $30-$50 for each of our immediate family members.  I know, it's tacky to discuss money, but well, that's a REALLY CHEAP MODEST budget according to current standards and our families already know this about us (and love us anyway).  Even though it's a reasonable sum, our budget doesn't allow for an extra $50 each month without some tight squeezing... so we really need to buckle down and start shopping NOW!

Gift giving is a joy.  sometimes. kinda.  if I squint my eyes.  I do LOVE giving the perfect gift.  The thing that someone always wanted, but never told anyone and would never buy.

Thing.  That word.gets.me.  We're a practical family.  A wanna-be minimalist family (just don't look in my basement... or barn... or garage... or shed...).  I want to give awesome gifts that are useful.  I want to give homemade gifts and not worry about the price tag.  I want to give gifts that show how much I love my family members.

Hmmm... on second thought, I think I'll just go bake a blackberry pie and enjoy the summer breeze.

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  1. Agreed! I'm terrible at thinking of the 'perfect gift' so Xmas always becomes so stressful! Especially when sticking to a budget. As for saving money, I put money away each month to save up for Xmas. Sad, but true! It def. works well for us!

    And on a side note, I totally believe you were ahead of the trend with the gray wall :) You beat me to it!! ha!


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