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So, it's a little misleading to say that I took the Pinterest Challenge... I didn't know about it until yesterday. However, I've been inspired this week and have checked off a lot of tasks off of my DIY list :)

(the challenge is to finally DO some of the DIY ideas we pin/plan to do... but never do)

Here's what's going on in my house:

 Some close-ups...  guess who has a black berry patch right outside her door?  THIS GIRL!  LUCKY ME :)
Hazel is making BLACKBERRY LEMONADE, another Pinterest find, on the learning tower that her Grandpa Orris just made for her.  When there is a woodworker in the family, life is grand!  I only had to email him the plans from ana-white.com THREE times before he took the hint :)  She's spent almost all of her time in it since it arrived.  She even insists on eating her meals there!     (If you live nearby and want your own, I know one Grandpa who is retiring in the near future!  They retail for about $200 so I'm sure he'd be willing to make more for something close to that.)

Also, obviously I placed the flower icon over my wedding invitation because it contains more information then I want to share on this blog :)

All of these ideas are things I see over and over and over again on Pinterest and they were all so EASY!  Makes me kick myself for not doing them sooner!  I'm so encouraged and hoping to keep this ball rolling :)

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  1. nice work. Love that learning tower! Dad's so talented!
    I like the picture wall, too! Very happy and sunny!


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