on a DoItYourself roll!

(DIY= do it yourself)... that little note is for Shannanigans who was baffled by my first sentence in the previous DIY post :)

Remember this skirt?
It's still hard at work!  I think the above pic is a little misleading.  And not simply because it looks like I have a flat belly... hahaha....hahaha...hahaha... 2 babies.... hahahaha....0 working out...hahaha!  You simply can't tell that this Large Tall skirt contains folds and folds of fabric.  You can't tell that I have freaky long legs and a freaky short torso.  So hopefully now you better understand how that skirt became the two dresses, flower and bonnet in the previous post.  But prepare to be AMAZED... 'cause I'm STILL not done with this skirt!

Folks, let me introduce:

  • Heidi's 10- minute onesie dress!  I had already bid on a western sleeper from ebay, but when I saw this pattern, I couldn't resist!  Jake's cousin, Jen, recently sent me some sweet onesies and this horsie was just neighing to be dressed up (umm... my dad thinks it's a giraffe.  hmm...maybe?  what's your vote?).  The ruffles are much better in the back of the dress, but I'm sure I'll be making LOTS more of these in the future and will have time to perfect the ruffles.
  • Jake's skinny gentleman's tie.  He voiced many convincing arguments on why I should make him a loin cloth.  However, since I've invited small children and my mother's bible study group (don't let your preconceived notions of that term define this group.  They are also known as the Swimmen Wimmen... 'cause they swim drink wine in the pool a few times a week... and in some circles, as the Sea Hags!).  Since this tie is more for laughs then for style or the possibility of being worn more than once, I didn't make a real tie.  I simply cut a strip of fabric, ironed it into the shape of a skinny tie and planned on using stitch witchery to hold down the seams.  However, before I mustered the energy to walk to my parents house and raid my mom's sewing box for the stitch witchery (feel free to stay in Alaska forever mom!), I simply put a few dots of hot glue along the back seams.  CLASSY!
  • STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!  Wait, don't.... they smell like stinky glue.  A sweet friend lent me her cowboy boots, but my clod hoppers didn't fit in them.  So, they've been sitting in my bedroom and recently it struck me how they'd make a cool vase.  Doubting I'd have anything left in the budget for real flowers and due to the ridiculous amount of time I spend looking at future project ideas, I decided to use up some more of the random items in my craft bin (brown felt was for a Christmas project that never happened, sticks are actually shish kabob sticks!).  So, I have 14 roses for the cost of NIL... ZILCH... ZERO!  

Flower tutorial from MADE... click here.

You're not gonna believe it, but I STILL have a few scraps of skirt fabric.  Once my burns heal (darn hot glue gun!), I think I'll make another fabric flower and attach it to a headband (which I plan to make Shannon wear so that everyone staying in my house that night coordinates) and another dozen or so felt flowers (did you notice that the skirt fabric wraps around the base of the flower to cover all the glue and add some pizzazz?).
And finally, lest you think that I have a one track mind, here's another little number I WHIPPED UP (yes, I have my proud face on) Saturday morning so that Hazel would have something beachy to wear to the clambake we were throwing with friends (yes it was delicious and yes my camera battery was dead so I can't post pics).  

Hazel's Uncle Josh went to the Bahamas this summer and brought Jake this tee-shirt which was a little small for him.  No worries, this shirt will get a LOT more use now as a sundress!  It was truly easy using elastic thread and though there are a few things I'll do differently/better next time, I love how it turned out!  Now... how to get my hands on Uncle Josh's vintage tee-shirt collection?  mwahaha!

Please excuse the bedhead and purple underwear.  Between crafting and saving sea turtles, this mama is too busy to care about the insignificant!


  1. That dress is adorable, but not as much as Hazel!

  2. I think it's a both a giraffe and a horse;P I love the sundress, you are AWESOME! And today I found a fun idea for your 30th!!!

  3. OK, you're putting me and my creativity to shame. Congrats on being a frugal, crafty DIVA! I'm so green with envy! I have PILES of scraps that I wish I had the time/energy/creativity to figure out what to do with. You're an inspiration!

  4. Um. Seriously. Please give me my sister back. Alien, you can't have her body.
    (PS- I love Hazel's hair in these pictures. She's so cute! You, too! I'm so impressed with you!)

  5. Haha! DIY makes sooo much more sense now! I really need to get up on the lingo! Btw - Hazel looks cute without hair gel;)

  6. Sweet! I hope your hand heals in time! I can't wait to match the koskers;) Hazel's dress is adorable!! I'm sooo impressed with your creativity! I would have added elastic (or tied it with a hair tie behind her back) and called it a dress!

  7. i definitely thought this was titled "DOLT Yourself."


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