more than fair

Today we got to go on a family trip to the Venango County 4H Fair.  Might not sound glamorous... but 2 members of this family were ecstatic (as for the other 2... I'm pretty "meh" about animals and Heidi is well, a baby.  However, the joy of the first two carried over and we all had a blast!).

I've been to 4H/ Farm/ State Fairs before, but this was the best experience I've ever had.  Through Hazel's eyes, the Fair was magical.

We started with the rabbits, chickens, and DUCKS.  Her excitement was tangible... these are the animals she's most familiar with.  When she saw the ducks, she started to do a duck dance.  Seriously, she must plot out this cuteness during her nap times.
I don't wanna be a chicken.  I don't wanna be a duck.  All I wanna do is shake shake shake my butt...
So, if you're ever in NW PA, I recommend making time for their 4-H Fair.  I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot of 4-H in my future :)
minutes before, this calf was still in his mama!
These two had to kiss every animal.

and sometime the animals kissed them back
sandbox full of CORN!

body paint... of course she wanted a DUCK!

an empty arena... who could resist a horsey-ride!

The best part was the kiddie game area.  Super cheap games and a FREE toddler area with a blow-up bouncy castle.  So great!  

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  1. fun! I love the last picture and the tiredness in her eyes. What a fun day for the family!

  2. Love all your pictures! glad you had a good time... looks like jake and hazel really hit if off with the fair! How cool with the new baby calf.. great experience!

  3. You should send this blog to the Derrick!!! So adorable...

  4. The 4H fair!!! I have so many fond memories of that place! 4H is awesome, I know Hazel (and eventually Heidi) will LOVE taking part in it every year :)

  5. Where on earth did you get those boots for Hazel? They're awesome!


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