Heidi @ ? months

How old do you think I am?

Are you daft?  It's OBVIOUS... guess!

Seriously... you need to figure this out before I.... too late... here I go...

Yup, at 5 months, I go from my belly to one side and back with ever growing skill.

Ok, by now I KNOW you've figured it out... but just in case:

I'm 5 months old.  I'm at the 53rd percentile in every way.  Growing much faster than expected!  My mom wonders if it's because she's not a slave to the clock and feeds me when I ask.  Also, if babies grow while they sleep... well, I sure do sleep a lot!

I'm a GREAT sleeper.  I nap about every 2-3 hours and sleep about 10 hours at night, feeding just once or twice.  To help myself sleep, I enjoy sucking my two fingers.

Can you believe I've grown from this...................to....................this?!
photo by Wilson Klugh Photography

Now, LEAVE ME ALONE so I can nap in peace!
Heidi loo who


  1. How is it possible that she's 5 months old already?!?!?!

    I swear it was only a month or two ago that I was reading your birth story.

    Gah! Kids grow too fast! She is a beauty though :) I can't wait to meet her someday.

  2. Too cute! I love your commentary for those pictures :)

  3. Adorable!! I can't wait to see her again! She already looks so different!!


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