Heidi @ 4 months

Oh sweet Heidi.  Cool, calm and collected... never thought I'd use those words to describe a newborn!  Granted there are a few cries every day, but only when you're being ignored for too long.

Your cutest thing is your sweet sweet smiles.  They happen readily anytime we give your our full attention.  They're so captivating that I've yet to break away and grab my camera.  You also love to have conversations!  Back and forth we trade "ahhhoohhh"s.

You love your mobiles and spend hours batting at different objects and recently, pulling things to your mouth!  Your control over your hands has dramatically increased!  Mostly, those fingers are in your mouth...one, two, four at a time!

Two birthmarks have appeared... it's looking like you're taking after your mama's good looks (mama has a birthmark on her face that was very traumatic to a preteen!).


  1. What a sweetie...can't wait to see that smile:)

  2. I have a new desktop picture on my computer :) Love the one of her sleeping.


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