call and answer

My heart is too full of love to hold it in.  Many of those that know us refer to our property as "The Compound".  Not because we're a cult, but because we have 4 generations living in 3 separate dwellings on 20 acres.  Life is good!

Yesterday my dad told me that he was going to hang a bell on his porch similar to the one on my porch.  So, when Hazel wants to visit (3 times now she has walked the path through the woods without permission... giving me a heart attack), she will ring our bell and if her grandparents are available, they'll ring their bell.
yes, it's in need of a good sand-blast and paint job.
I did recently replace the yellow rope with some retired climbing rope... to make it more Kosker-ish :)

This morning we gave it the first practice ring.  Hazel rang her bell, we heard a bell answer in response... and OFF SHE WENT in her rain boots and swinging her purse (packed with an extra pair of skivvies).

I followed part-way, heart bursting with love for my independent 2-year-old.  She would turn every few steps and say "Bye".  Exactly what I used to do when I walked this path in the opposite direction to visit my grandparents (we now live in their home).  My mom would watch from her window and I would turn and wave every few steps... trusting she was there and feeling the protection and love of her gaze.

So proud that my daughter is brave enough to walk alone... and a little sad that she's old enough to journey without me.


  1. Oh my. This filled my eyes this morning! What a great solution. I love it.

  2. You are so fortunate to live near your parents, and for Hazel & eventually Heidi to be so close! Love the bell idea!

  3. I CANNOT believe she's that old already! And I LOVE the bell idea...you guys are so smart:)

  4. cute cute cute. love the bells. what a lucky girl to live so close to her grandparents.

  5. If I get a bell, could Hazel come visit me?

  6. Hazel cannot be old enough for this! I kinda/sorta/always think of Caleb as I read stories of Hazel. They are so close in age that I think "yeah, caleb does that" or "Gosh, just think, Caleb will be doing that soon!"

    And now you're telling me that soon Caleb will be old enough to walk down the street on his own!?!?!?


    And tomorrow you'll tell me that he's starting high school in a week (or something equally terrifying to all mothers).

    My point... these kids grow up too fast!


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