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 A week ago we joined Jake's family to celebrate and honor the life of his Aunt Kathy.  A year ago, many of you joined us in blowing bubbles to fight Kathy's cancer.  Last week Kathy ended her fight and is now dancing ... and probably blowing bubbles... in heaven.

Grief is a slippery beast.  My husband claims to have been prepared for Aunt Kathy's death.  I think he was, however, grief hits us at odd times and we fall victim to it.  Tonight Jake graciously gave me a night off from dinner and pulled out the last of his elk meat.  Then he pulled out this great cookbook... and I watched as the grief hit him like a sneaker wave.  You see, Aunt Kathy gave him this awesome cookbook.

To wrap this up (without going too deep), the elk tenderloin was DELISH... and yes, prepared or not... we really miss Aunt Kathy.  That IS the gift of life... to love and to be loved in return.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Kathy. I never met her, but I wish I had. She sounds like she was an amazing woman!

  2. Sorry to hear about Kathy.

    F*cking cancer.

  3. So Sorry to hear of your loss however the image of what appears to be a most wonderful woman blowing bubbles in Heaven is comforting and such a happy thought. I hope peace about her passing continues to find you and the grief is bearable.


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