teddy bear picnic

This week I got to take Hazel to the annual Teddy Bear Picnic.  I have vague memories of this event from when I was a wee one.  For me, the highlight was always making sand art in baby food jars.  The wonder of layering rainbows of sand was so totally tubular.  Totally worthy of my fluorescent pink coolness!

And now... totally worthy of Hazel and her teddy bear wearing a matching dress.  LOVE!

Hazel had a good time simply because Hazel enjoys everything (as long as she's rested and fed).  However, I was a little let down... just didn't live up to my memory :)  As we all know, it's really really hot outside.  So, partner that with wearing an infant in my Sleepy Wrap and whooa doggie!  Fortunately, my mother came with us and helped me juggle babies, diaper bags and teddy bear crafts.

Hazel did not enjoy the face painting booth.  My mom talked her into getting a turtle painted onto her leg... but after a few green blobs, Hazel had had ENOUGH!  The ironic part is that once she was free from the scary paint, she was so proud of the turtle and walked with her leg extended so people would notice.

Speaking of crafts, here's a tip to anyone planning a crafty event for the pre-K crowd:  TODDLERS ARE SHORT!  So using regular tables does not work.  This silly mama was in a skirt and had to flash the crowds repeatedly in order to make a knee-stool for Hazel!

Due to the heat, crowds and exhaustion of all appropriate activities, we left the event early... someone had had ENOUGH!
actually, more than one of us had had enough... but fortunately, I was the only one with the camera :)


  1. First of all, the area where you live has so many unique, cool tradtions---I love it!

    Grownup experiences never really live up to our memories, do they? Sometimes I comfort myself with that thought when I take the kids to something that kind of sucks, because they'll remember it as being okay.

    Lastly, your photo of crying Hazel is absolutely adorable!

  2. Maybe she'll like it better next year. But that matching outfit is adorable! (I hate the dead grass, though. You guys need rain!)

  3. I love the matching outfits AND Hazels adorable sun glasses!!


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