the end of an era

I am not one of those parents who hopes her children will roll/crawl/walk at an early age.  I'm perfectly fine with them being late bloomers.  Granted, I am blessed with two preemie babies (35 weeks... barely preemie!) who have perfectly average development and are very healthy.  So it makes it easy to be laid back about their milestones.

Speaking of milestones, this is what Heidi is doing right at this moment:
roll baby roll (so far just back to front).  in fact, keep rolling till you can reach all the toys stuck under the couch!
She is lying under her IKEA play gym.  What?  It doesn't make sense to lay her on her stomach under this play gym?  Correct... I didn't!  Oh my.  Goodbye to the freedom of plopping her (ever so gently) anywhere I please without worrying about her moving or rolling off.  (Three cheers to Jake for snapping this pic before he left for work today... we actually got a pic of her first roll!)


  1. I knew she'd roll soon, I was so worried Sat she'd be off my bed when she was napping!!! I'm glad it didn't happen until today though, phew:)

  2. You go girl! (And I love that quilt. Who made it?)

  3. I made that quilt! Didn't see that one comin' did ya? The other side has all the seam sewn together and frayed and the top corner has "Tippy" stitched onto it. I made it as a lap quilt for Jake's Grandma when she was in a nursing home.

  4. Yay Heidi! She's grown so much, too! How exciting!

  5. How is she possibly old enough to roll over already? Seriously! Wasn't she just born like 2 weeks ago?

    Man time flies when you're old.

    She's adorable :)


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