3 months of Heidi lovin'

The other day Heidi hit the 3-month mark.  I intended to take pics and write a blog, but a certain toddler was possessed by evil forces that day and I was kept busy trying to save Heidi's life.  For real.

Heidi is a joy.  If she fusses, she is easy to appease with a cuddle or snack.  She LOVES cuddling and it's one of the greatest pleasures in life to fall asleep cocooned around her.  She also LOVES to sleep.  If she was my only child, I would be a very well rested mama.  *sigh*

She's so good natured that it's easy to ignore her.  Not good!  However, when I finally give her some attention, she immediately smiles and starts to coo.  Last weekend we heard her giggle, but she's being stingy with that heavenly delight.

Here she is starting to share her dazzling smile.  Pay close attention to all the glorious baby rolls :)
She's gaining weight quickly and just today seems to be bursting out of her 0-3 month clothing.  WOW!  (Hazel was in NB size until about 3 months!)

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