When we bought our property, it included 10 acres of forest.  The remaining 1/2 acre includes our house which is built on a hill.  So there is no yard and the only (tiny) spot for a garden is really shaded.

Enter THE DREAMER aka my husband.  He began talking about cutting vast amounts of trees.  My reaction, as always, is to say "ok honey" while hiding my panic and hoping that this is one of his dreams that stays a dream.  (I learned this trick from my mother... whose husband once dreamed about converting a firetruck into a houseboat... huh?)

After 3 days of bulldozing and chainsawing the acre + (I am the worst at gauging size/distance) in front of our house is treeless...and I LOVE it!  I'm sitting in my treehouse room (our living room addition that has big windows and sits high about the ground giving a great view of the lowest limbs of trees) and I can see!  I feel free!  I can see the SKY!

Funny how I loved the trees in this space and now I love the lack of trees!  Glad THE DREAMER was right (again).

Of course, the project is not finished and the garden is still not in the newly cleared land... but now I have the vision and it's gorgeous!


  1. Woah! Photos please!

  2. Can he come take down our trees??? :)

  3. Julie! First of all you are the sweetest. Second, I didn't know you had this blog!!! So glad I can keep an eye on you now! Haha!

    Your littles are so precious...maybe someday you can come back to Oregon and I can meet them!


  4. Yay!! I can't wait to visit and see these dreams in action!!

    PS when are we building the pond:)


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