small perks

Having small children has lots of small perks.

The coolest perk?

Taking snacks everywhere you go!  As an adult, it would look funny if I pulled out a bag of Goldfish crackers or baggie of fig newtons during a meeting, outing, etc.  As a mom, it looks perfectly normal!

Now... just hoping no one notices that I have a "one for you, 3 for me" ratio.... or that I sometimes eat these snacks when the little tykes are MIA :)


  1. I like the "one for you, three for me" ratio... it sounds perfect!

    Because chasing after toddlers and babies is exhausting! You need to keep your energy up. And your toddler IS only 1/3 your size, so "one for you, three for me" sounds pretty much right on!

  2. It's not okay to have snacks during a meeting? I take a granola bar and apple to every faculty meeting... oops! No, I know what you mean. There ARE some meetings where it wouldn't be appropriate ;) I look forward to one day exploring these perks!

  3. Oh my friend. I have gotten so used to it, I keep fruit chews in my purse for the church hunger spurts. :) For me.

  4. This plan sound wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing your wealth!!


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