Heidi Rose, Child of God

Yesterday, Heidi was baptized at Lutherlyn, surrounded by our Lutherlyn family.  It was a perfect, beautiful, blessed event.

For baptisms, I like to give the book "Water, Come Down" by Walter Wangerin, Jr.  It's a gorgeous book that explains baptism so that even I understand it!  In this children's book, the sun, wind, clouds & rain work together to bring the water to one special child on one special day.

"I am the water that fell on you
Three times with the Word that made you new

While everyone smiled and smiled."

"You are God's love and God's loveliest sight
On the day you were baptized."

never one to miss a collage opportunity... here are a few more pics from the day.  Since there was a formal dinner at the camp that evening, many of our dear friends were going to be arriving at camp... so we simply asked them to arrive a bit earlier to share in this special day with us.  

Let's play "Where's Waldo".  Can you find:
  • Gavin and his shadow (aka Micah...who can also be found moments before gleefully consuming a cupcake)
  • Jake and Jason being mischievous with their daughters?  I guarantee that Tanya and I (the mamas) would not approve of whatever they were saying :)
  • Jess Gamache being a dork (and in another pic with her hubby, Heath)
  • Randy Gullickson, the non-traditional preacher man who was honored for his LIFE CHANGING service in ministry that evening
  • Hazel and her PapPap Kosker practicing her future wedding march down the stairs of the Amphitheater (ok, they weren't really doing that, but that's what the pic makes me think of)
  • Ty putting (shoving) his culinary expertise to use on my lemon cupcakes
  • the easy-peasy cupcake flags in which I used the cover of the "Water, Come Down" to snazz up the display
  • Bangor, my wonderful photographer, being a cheeseface
  • Two perfect baby girls posing with their mamas?  Heidi and Grace Roberts had just about the same due date and will be great friends growing up!  Grace's mama, Deb, is the Assistant Director at Lutherlyn... so she is in her busiest season at camp.  That's one amazing mama!
  • 3 pics of grandparents snugglin' up Heidi Rose

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