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I have mentioned my favorite baby store, Happy Baby Company, based out of Robinson Town Centre in Pittsburgh, quite a few times.  They specialize in cloth diapers, but also have a great selection of cool baby toys, gear and most importantly, the Sleepy Wrap (my all-time favorite baby carrier/life saver).  And, of course their major selling point... FREE SHIPPING in the US!

I am now an affiliate for Happy Baby Company.  I only get compensated for your very first order with them.  So if you've already ordered something from this company, you have good taste, but please don't use my links 'cause I'm not allowed to solicit returning business for them :)   However, for any newbies out there, I earn 5% of your total... so if you're interested in trying some cloth diapers or want to buy a really cool gift for someone, please go through the links in this post or permanently in my side bar.

Need some ideas:
*A Sleepy Wrap ($39.95).  The most comfortable and all-purpose baby carrier.  I've written about my love for this product many times.  Seriously, I'm not sure little Miss Colic (Hazel) would have survived her first few months if we didn't have this carrier.  It created sanity for her sleep-deprived parents!

*Thirsties Duo Wrap ($12.75).  My favorite brand of cloth diapers.  Made by work-at-home moms, these diapers are indestructible, leak-proof and mega easy to use!

*HABA brand toys.  While all the toys sold by HBC are awesome, HABA remains my favorite brand.  High quality, great design and extremely durable!

FIRST TIME SHOPPERS:  get 10% off your order of $30 or more with this code:  NEW2HBC

Happy shopping!  Please email me if you'd like more advice before purchasing.  You can also stroll through my archives for more cloth diapering/ baby gear advice.

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