Girl bonding

As a stay-at-home-mom to two girls, I get a lot of girl time.  But there's girl time and then there's GIRL TIME!  HEAYAYAY!

Last weekend I burned the midnight oil celebrating the upcoming wedding of "CoachbagAnne".  That is her official name, you'll never guess why.  She is my "we have nothing in common" friend and I love her dearly.  She may buy copious amounts of Coach bags and I might buy all my dress clothes at REI and yet, friendship it is.

The following photo says it all.  For the record, I did not drink...much, but clearly my camera did!  (I planned to breastfeed Heidi in the middle of the night.... but super dad kept her all night at a near-by apartment with nary a tear from either of them!)

This pic sums up Anne pretty well (NO...not the viking horns or free Jaeger tank top)... what's the ONLY thing in focus and not see-through?  The ghetto hat which screams "I am the greatest".  Yes you are Anne and Marque is one LUCKY guy (except perhaps when it comes to being your dance partner).

On Monday, I had recovered enough from the above shenanigans to join my mother on a road trip to my Aunt's house for a hair cut.  That might not seem like a big deal, but my Aunt lives almost 2 hours away.  Her hair cuts are stellar, but we drive there for Target the laughs we share.  My Aunt and I share the same sense of humor... twisted, eh?

While no hairs were cut, Hazel was treated to her first spin in the beautify chair.

And finally, on Wednesday, it was time for some JULIE STYLE GIRL BONDING.  Here's a hint:

Damn I look good in a bikini!

Had ya goin' there for a second, didn't I?  No!?!  Well.... phooey on you :)  Let me just assume it was the long hair that gave it away :)  That's my cousin, Phreebs, (no relation to the above Aunt) who is a college sophomore and is on vacation from her summer job as a fitness teacher to kids.  

Wednesday night, Hazel, Heidi, and I went camping at Cook Forest State Park.  I didn't realize how hardcore I was until my sister pointed it out.  So yeah, I slept a whole night in a tent with my babies... and it rained... a whole lot!  *Double chest thump.*  They were total champs and slept really well.  It was awesome.  Truthfully, I wasn't really hardcore 'cause my two cousins, cousin-in-law, Aunt & Uncle who own a cabin there did all the child care during awake times.  My Uncle even wore Heidi around in my sling!  I didn't take many pics during this mini-vacation, but I'm hoping someone got a picture of that!  

Hazel LOVES the water!  She's not a huge fan of pools, but she really enjoys shallow water and rock throwing.  As for me, I gleefully handed the girls off to my dear cousins and spent a few blissful minutes floating on my back, enjoying the refreshing water, and feeling completely at peace.  A week of GIRL TIME will do that to you :)


  1. I wish I could write this post. I want a drinking/dancing night. A good haircut by Aunt Laney. And some time with the dbsb and Kathe at the Pinery.
    Lucky you!

  2. Julie, I am so touched and thrilled that you chose to spend the night with us this week. Your girls were hardcore, just as their mama! Thank you for wonderful memories. We couldn't have had more fun with you girls :)


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