the freshest WINNER! part 1.

Did you wake up this morning anxious to boot-up your computer in anticipation for today's big announcement?  Probably more exciting for me than for the winner!  I was floored by the 41 entries!  Thanks to all stuck it out, read my LONG musings on thefresh20 and entered my giveaway.  If you "liked" thefresh20 on facebook or twitter, you are eligible to win a 6-month subscription from theFresh20... that winner will be announced in the near future :)


Anonymous tanya said...

I am in! I always seem to be missing something when i go to cook dinner. I also love the idea of using fresh produce that is in season. Thanks Julie! Oh, and my dad's favorite meal is my mom's spaghetti and meatballs.
June 17, 2011 8:28 AM

*Tanya, please email me ASAP to confirm your identity :)  I think this is my dear friend from Tost Adventures who wanted to purchase this service a month ago when I told her about it and I begged her to wait and enter my giveaway... good call :)


  1. Congratulations to Tanya!

    And actually I have been breathlessly waiting for the winner to be announced. I've been cursing how long you've left this give away open and how many people commented! I kept wanting to email you and be like "close it early! CLOSE IT EARLY!!!"

    *sigh* I never win.

  2. Yeah, but Cynthia...It's ONLY 5 buckos a month. I bet we can find that in the cushions of our couch.... Okay, that gives away my housekeeping finesse.

    Besides, by not winning this, we are more on track to win the big one (whatever that is!)


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