wonderful weekend in review

Our wireless internet is not working, so my online presence will be sparse until I figure it out. Right now I'm sitting in the DISASTER ZONE aka office/guest room with the computer sitting wonkily (it's a word if I use it, right?) on my heaping pile of "stash it in the office until I get around to filing/mailing/reading it".

Despite the technical difficulties, I really want to write a quick recap of the past few days because they've been wonderful!

Friday was unofficially COUSIN day! My cousin Michelle spent the morning with us. She came heavily loaded with presents for the girls and culinary delights for the adults. My husband is considering leaving me for her... he was THAT excited about her veggie lasagna. Oh well, at least he's keeping it in the family ;)

After our afternoon naps, the girls and I drove to our favorite ice cream place (Shreffler's) for a play-date with Jake's cousin, Jen, and her daughter Hailey. She is the coolest 3-year-old. A bit precocious and a lot delightful. Here are the kissing cousins (or err... 2nd cousins or umm... 1st cousins once removed or ...)

On to Saturday... my mother called me in the morning with the offer to take my grandma, me and the girls to the “May Mart”. It was a GORGEOUS day to walk around the park and visit with the gorgeous spring flowers. The best part was being treated to lunch !
unedited to better showcase the good semaritans work.... thanks for the shadows as opposed to the fountain.  that's precisely why we stood there!
Jake's brother, Josh, officially graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (concentrations in Graphic Design, Metals, Jewelry and Painting). Total over-achiever. We are insanely proud of him and excited for his future. His professors think he's the next big thing... we humbly agree. Can't wait till he launches his online portfolio so I can brag some more! We celebrated that accomplishment with a nice dinner and bonfire with friends. Here's the scholar

Moving on to Sunday... MOTHER's DAY! Jake knocked my socks off with a thoughtful and OBSERVANT gift. I had admired (begged for) this necklace while on our babymoon in Berkeley Springs this winter. Never did I expect to actually receive this beauty. Hubby said that I truly deserved it :) awww...

photo courtesy of wildlife wonders
Topped Sunday off with a dinner with my mother and grandmother (spouses too of course) and I was one happy girl!

Here are a few pics of me with my raison d'existence (one of whom I've distracted with a sheet of stickers and I will now spend the rest of my day extracting them off of various furnishings...and baby limps. Oh, motherhood...)

and my favorite:


  1. Hey Long Legs,
    It kinda looks like you're making out with your baby on that favorite one! ;-)
    I'm so happy that you're so happy.
    And Jake's right- You truly deserve that beautiful necklace!

  2. Julie I love the Mother's Day pictures! :) Gorgeous! :)

  3. You and your girls are too adorable. I need to have a daughter so I can wear pink AND match my child (well, and not have it be wierd that I dress my son in hot pink).

    Happy mother's day!

  4. Beautiful georgous pics! But weren't you guys anti-pink? lol. Love the necklace! And love your blog!! Hugs to Jake and your lovely self, and ur gals...
    Kathy Wymer


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