where the river runs, that's where she is.

I get really excited when other people start to blog.  It means I'll get to be a voyeur into their life.  I enjoy reading their posts a thousand times more than a facebook status.  Yes, it'd be great to get all this information in an email or... gasp... letter, but let's be realistic... that wouldn't happen. 

For example, I've had 86 people view my post from earlier today.  Would I have sent these 86 people the pictures and musings that I posted?  Nope!  Also, blogs are not pushy.  The only people who see my ramblings are the people who purposely choose to.  I'm not in their inbox, it's more detailed than a Christmas "brag letter" (as hubby calls them) and let's face it, I get inspired and educated through the blogs I choose to read. 

Yes, blogs are delightful. 

That being said, somehow I missed the memo when my dear dear friend and cousin started a blog.  I heard about it a week ago and promptly forgot.  So, tonight when I found it... it was as exciting as finding buried treasure!

For your viewing pleasure:  RIVERANDSHORE

She's an english teacher, so her writing is solid yet artistic.  She shares pretty much the exact same hobbies and interests that I have... so that's another reason why I'm ecstatic that she's blogging.  (let me pause to say that though we share the same hobbies... she's better at pretty much everything!  She'd never admit it, but take one look at her athletic build or artistic creations.  Yup, you know it's true too :)  However, I'm older and therefore wiser, so there's no jealousy running through our family ties!)

Welcome to the blog world Kathe (never did learn how to make that darn oomlau over your "a").  I love you!

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