Guess who is typing with Dora the Explorer on in the background?

I just checked the stats of this blog and though it is only 9am, I've already had 78 hits today!  WOW!  When I was writing Lazy Green Mama, I checked the stats regularly 'cause I dreamed of sponsorship and numbers are crucial.  However, until I wrote my birth story (Holla Holla... 1,035 pageviews!), I never looked at the stats of this blog... figuring that my mom and sister and the few committed commenters were my audience (Thanks girls!  Love those comments!).  Clearly I was wrong and for some reason, you are here... reading my thoughts and I am SO THANKFUL!

Blogging is such an interesting forum.  A way for me to journal my life and specifically the day-to-day growth of my baby girls.  A way for my loved ones from afar to feel connected to me (especially since I avoid the phone).  It's also a way for me to interact and be social.  As a stay-at-home-mom who lives deep in the woods and doesn't have a car... I'm certain that blogging is key to my sanity.

So again, thank you for joining me on this journey and humoring my "I want to be a writer" hobby.  Feel free to send me feedback and/or request content in certain areas.  You're here and I want to keep you coming :)


  1. Hola indeed my friend! Big bloggity blogger you are :)

    Love reading your facts, tidbits, and sweet sentiments about your daughters. You're genuine and that's why we keep coming back! Your content is exactly that... YOURS. So write what you feel and we'll keep coming back.

  2. Congrats on the huge readership! That's awesome!


Oh how I L.O.V.E. comments! Thanks for taking a walk on the (koskersidle)WILD side :)