musings on the rich and famous

Typically, I keep my opinions of all things not kid/green-related to myself.  It's safer 'cause I hate to verbally debate things, so if no one knows my opinion, they can't try to rope me into conversation.  Ack... flashbacks to my AP English teacher telling the whole class that I need a shovel 'cause I'm not deep enough.  I blame her for the fact that I didn't pursue studying English Literature, Library Science or Writing.  Shameful. 

I consider myself a deep, thoughtful person... I just don't share that side of myself with just anyone.  My poor husband has to beg me to invite Shannon, my Geologist BFF, over just so he can have in depth conversations about PEAK OIL. Yeah, I'm NEVER gonna enter a conversation on that.  Nope, sorry... somewhere there's a toilet that needs scrub or some other task that I'd find 1000 times more enjoyable.

Onto my royal musings:
*I love our President.  Believe me, I'm as shocked as you... never thought I'd have good things to say about a President.  Ok, I love him because he has great comic timing... seriously... he's funny!

*I would like to take a pause from all this discussion over his birth certificate to say... I WOULDN'T CARE IF HE WAS BORN IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY (or Muslim)!  Seriously, does being born in America make you less likely to be corrupt or something?  Let's ask my friend, Whitney, whose American parents just happened to give birth in a different country.  Sorry Whit, you can take your global-minded self OFF the election ballot 'cause you might be a terrorist.  That's right FOUNDING FATHERS... you should have consulted me.

*Boy did the Royal Wedding polarize people!  Either people LOVED it or found it RIDICULOUS that people were watching it.  I fall into the 1st category.  I mean, it is the ENGLISH MONARCHY folks!  Serious global importance there.  I don't care if those misguided founding fathers did go to war so that I could be free from English rule (ok, I do care), the monarchy is still important and incredibly fascinating.

*Along those same lines, from the itsy bitsy research I've done over the weekend to quickly learn more about the Monarchy and William & Catherine... I'm a big fan of Catherine!  My fingers are triple crossed (ouch) that their marriage thrives despite the pressure of being royal.  She radiates class and when I grow up, I want to be just like her.

*Final musing:  I'm 29 (so is Her Royal Highness.  ha!).  I remember when my Youth Director turned 30 and I thought she was SO adult!  Yes, I have a husband, a mortgage & 2 kids, but I'm still surprised when I see other people my age or YOUNGER being so adult and successful.  Guess I still think of myself as a 20-year-old (sigh of relief that I'm not!).


  1. Julie, you are deep and thoughtful. Which is one of the many reasons I enjoy reading your blog. You often share some wonderful and thought provoking insights with us and I love that. Let your deep self out as often as you like :)

    I agree with all you have to say about the british royals. I find them completely intriguing, although I would NOT get myself out of bed to watch the wedding... sleep is just too important.

    If you ever find time as the busy mother of 2, hit up the library and check out Philipa Gregory. She's written 3 or 4 books about the Tudor Dynasty (Henry and his wives). They're fictions that are based on fact and are fascinating to me.

    And as a 30 year old, I still find it surprising that anyone would allow me to be a parent. Seriously. Doesn't anyone KNOW how immature I am?!? I still giggle and yell EW when my dog farts. *sigh* I will never be "mature".

  2. You are a trip... for sure.

    I'm not a fan of our President or his policies... but I will say, he is funny and I'm with on the birth certificate (give me a break people!!!). For the record, I don't care much for many republicans or democrats. My family always says I ruin vote counts b/c my vote never counts (they are joking)... I pined for Ron Paul to take the ticket :)

  3. Come on really?! Toilets over the Oil Crisis?! I don't think we talked about it at all last time I visited;)


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