fly on the wall. self reflection

At some point, everybody wishes to be a fly on the wall to see theirself from other peoples' points of view.

There are rare times when, if we're paying close attention, we can glean this insight from our interactions with others.  This is a tale about such a time.

The other day I asked Jake to PLEASE PACK MY SNACK/ACTIVITY BAG as I was trying to get myself and both girls out the door to church... here's the key part...fully dressed (oh, life was so simple before Hazel knew how to take off her socks and shoes).  Except, I'm pretty sure that I didn't use the word please.

He asked if I still used the snack cup or if Hazel made a mess of things by taking the lid off and scattering the snack.  Very observant of him, I was impressed.  However, the snack cup is reusable and I was feeling green, so I told him to use that instead of a ziploc.

Later at church, I pulled the snack cup out of my bag and it was STUFFED TO THE BRIM!  Grr... I was a bit peeved.  Why would she need that many goldfish for one morning?  I involuntarily flinched in anticipation for the fit Hazel would throw when I tried to limit her goldfish consumption throughout the morning (though this did not happen).  Snacks during church are important 'cause they keep her occupied/quiet and provide a bridge in case she falls asleep on the car ride home and misses lunch.  However, I'm not trying to teach gluttony!

I considered sending him an annoyed text (and we all know what his reply would have been... mmmkay), but took the high road and decided to delicately mention it later so he wouldn't make that mistake in the future.

That evening, I kept to my guns and mentioned it in as kind of a way as possible.  For reals, I mean, I did recognize that he dropped what he was doing that morning to help me get ready and I do try to be thankful.

However, his reply gave me a chilling look into my behavior as of late.  He said, "well, I thought about that, but was afraid that if I didn't put enough snack in the cup, you'd get mad."  A classic:  Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

GULP.  It's true... I expect mind-reader perfection out of my husband. 

So, here's to eating some humble stew and working on some self-improvement in time for Father's Day!


  1. HA. Love this post :) I guess we all expect our husband's to be mind-readers, glad it's not just me!! haha

  2. i am exactly the same way. only i'm probably not as nice as you are as often as you are. i need to work on that.

  3. I can so relate--I could have written this myself!


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