What Doing?

I've blogged 2 days in a row!  So, I'm gonna make it 3 by sharing a simple topic:  WHAT I'm DOING!
  • 3 weeks.  That's the answer I'll have when a new mama asks me how long it takes for her baby to start having trouble sleeping.  3 weeks.  My perfect infant still sleeps ALL THE TIME, but she has an uncanny ability to know when I am about to nap and go to bed.  At those times, she becomes a suckling monster and absolutely refuses to sleep in her own space.
  • Yesterday hubby realized that I was bordering on exhaustion and perhaps post-baby-blues and INSISTED that we use some gift money to pay for a day of babysitting.  He'd been wanting me to do that and I kept refusing for financial reasons.  However, HE WAS RIGHT.  After staying in bed till 9:30, spending the morning snuggling Heidi, enjoying a brunch in which I didn't have to share, and then the freedom of housework without a "helper"... I felt like the monster that had been lurking just behind my shoulder was released.  I felt renewed and happy.  Yes, a day with just an infant was better than relying on copious amounts of coffee!  And Hazel was SO excited to spend the day with her friends!  A double win!
  • A little TV is... OK.  Can you feel my guilt?  I KNOW all the literature says NO TV before age 2, but a 1/2 hour show every now and again is such a treat!  Hazel will sit through quite a bit of it and since most of the show have music, she dances... so it's exercise, right!?
  • Meal planning and cooking continues to be my nemesis.  It's just not my favorite thing to do.  Then I have to deal with the guilt of being a bad stay-at-home-mom when 5:00 rolls around, everyone is hungry and everyone is grumpy.  So, I'm off to research "Freezer Meals" and http://www.thefresh20.com/ (something I stumbled upon recently.  For a small monthly fee, you get weekly menus that use 20 fresh ingredients).  Perhaps soon when hubby asks "What's for dinner?", I'll have an answer other than, "uhhh... perogies?"


  1. Meal planning is daunting, or was until I started doing it only a week at a time. I'll sit down Saturday am and write the weeks worth of meals on the calendar and then hit the grocery store for a quick trip to make sure we have everything. Lots of repetition at this point but I manage to sling a new recipe in there once and a while.

    Generally, we'll have pasta with sauce at least once and a freezer bag meal at least once, which leaves three days to actually plan (because the other two days are leftovers!:). We're on week three of this and it seems to be working. I take a quick break from work at 4:30 to pop whatever in to the oven and it's ready by 5:30 when everyone gets home.

  2. Life with two is certainly wonderful, but it is indeed different---and takes lots of revamping and adjusting what works. So, so glad you got a little time for Hazel to play with friends.

    Has anyone told you today that you're a great momma? 'Cause you are!

  3. Ross & I just jumped on the bandwagon of making freezer meals...what a lifesaver!! Why didn't we try this sooner?! We just cook the normal portion of a recipe and freeze half of it. Most of the time it turns out just like it would if it were just made :) Good luck!

    And I agree, a little tv doesn't hurt anyone :)

  4. Take it a day at a time. Mac and cheese will get you through... I watched Smurfs religiously and I graduated from college (albeit with a 3.4)... my mama always told me a break is necessary for everyone :) She also told me that as moms we need physical releases... as in go to your bedroom and scream into a pillow. I know its zany, but I do it to this day. Then I laugh afterwards.

    Remember one thing... you birthed those 2 gorgeous babes, you are capable of EVERYTHING!

  5. You're an awesome mom! If you don't believe me read what you just wrote on the 21st! I'm sure Hazel was just as thankful for time with her friends as you were for extra time in bed;)


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