the non diet

In high school, I went through the "normal" body image struggles.  I solved that by starting a diet of animal crackers and tootsie rolls.  Brilliant, eh?  Ok, I have no idea why I thought that would help me lose weight.  Regardless, I was a stick, so the whole thing was truly stupid (and shamefully unhealthy).

I'm not someone that's obsessed with THE NUMBER.  In fact, I never know my weight.  I rely on my favorite jeans.  If they're snug, OOPS. 

When I was pregnant, my midwife kept track of my weight, though we're not completely sure what it was before I was pregnant.  Suffice to say, I gained over 40 pounds.

20 of those pounds are GONE BABY GONE!  That was easy :)  Err... wait, I had to give birth to lose that weight... guess that was NOT easy!

So, now I'm left with 20+ pounds of extra.  Yesterday I was filling out a medical form which had a tiny line for my current weight.  No fair!  I needed a paragraph-sized space so that I could EXPLAIN about just giving birth and needing a year to return to a healthier weight!  I refuse to buy new clothes (and am not so fond of my reflection), so the weight has to go.  Here's my new diet plan:  drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning which wakes me up AND suppresses my appetite.  BRILLIANT!?

Do you have any other brilliant weight loss techniques that you're willing to share?


  1. OK. I'm going to throw some wild ideas out there.

    1. Spring/Summer is almost here, you live in the woods, you like to hike... which is totally exercise! No seriously, during the summer, a nightly walk is part of our routine. I come home, we go for a walk and then make dinner. If it's in your routine, you're more likely to do it and your babes will enjoy the time outside.

    2. Your hubby is a farmer right? And I'm assuming you probably have a grill? Summer is around the corner, enjoy grilling and fresh veggies for dinner every night. And take it easy on the carbs.

    I always lose weight during the summer because I LOVE eating fresh fruits and veggies that just aren't available during the winter.

    Winter is the time when my butt expands to the size of texas... harumph.

  2. You are such a BEAUTIFUL woman, so please don't fret over some pregnancy weight! (But I understand, what women doesn't have weight issues?!) Anyways, I try to eat small meals throughout the day, until dinner (I like my normal to big size dinner, as that's my favorite meal), but by meals I mean healthy snacks. They say healthy snacking keeps your metabolism running. And protein is good, so I eat a lot of nuts, and eggs for breakfast almost daily now (since I can't have calcium in the a.m. anymore b/c of my dumb thyroid). But again, you're BEAUTIFUL, and after running after 2 young kids, I'm sure you'll lose the weight in no time at all!

  3. Here's what we try in our house:
    1) Walks before dinner, or every meal on the weekends. Having dogs helps with this!
    2) We keep lots of healthy snacks and no junk food. We stock up on fruits and veggies each week, which you get from your co-op! Hungry? Grab an apple.
    3) At least 1 fruit at breakfast and lunch and 2 veggies at dinner.
    4) Early dinners around 6 PM, so that our bodies have time to digest before bed.
    5) Desserts are dark chocolate or ice cream with frozen strawberries and/or walnuts, and only a couple times a week.

  4. I'm reading an interesting book (Matt bought it for me to bring to him... he's obsessed with nutrition). I'll send you an email about it. It's pretty fascinating.


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