Look what I made!

A quick photo shoot.  Timing seemed perfect, but wasn't.  The sun has refused to shine.  Hazel was a little too "helpful".  Heidi isn't used to being unswaddled and therefore these pics aren't an accurate representation of her disposition (ie, she rarely cries, but cried throughout the entire photo shoot).

Shannon promptly sent her pseudo-niece some roses in honor of Heidi Rose's birth.

The best "face" shot with the lighting problems of today.  This pic accentuates her slight bruising and discolorations from birth...

Sweetest little Heidi, everybody knows.  Don't know what to call  you, but your mighty like a rose.  Lookin at your mama, eyes so shiny blue.  Makes you think that Heaven is comin' close to you.  (favorite Orris family lullaby)

LOVE this shot.  the feet.  the scrunched face.  snuggles are immediately in order!

OK... here's a mind bender:  Which one is Bitty Baby and which one is Itty Bitty Heidi? 

Though I'm completely used to her size, when I see the baby doll, I truly don't believe that my baby is as tiny... until they're right next to each other!  WOW!

Take 1 (both of these clothing pieces belong to the baby doll)

Take 2 (the footie pjs don't fit!  SCORE for Heidi!)
Pure sibling LOVE!  (p.s. Hazel wanted both the pony tail AND barrette... wonder if she's gonna be a fashion diva?  YIKES!)


  1. I love the shoot! Weather in PA is always cloudy so I think it's appropriate;)

  2. If I lived closer, I'd be at your house RIGHT NOW giving that little girl snuggles. She's so gosh darn adorable.

    Congrats again on Heidi, she's a cutie pie.

  3. adorable!
    I love the pic of her and the baby doll. It's amazing how teeny she is! And i love the fact that she's wearing doll clothes! Hilarious.

    Tip on lighting: Put your pictures in picasa and play with the automatic fix option or the fill light option. Then, hit "glow" in the advanced edit options. Presto! Great baby pics!

  4. They are beautiful little girls... just perfect!

  5. Too cute! Did you name her for the lullaby? That is a precious song to go with your adorable babe.

    p.s. Didn't your hubby take part in making her? ;)


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