Heidi Rose ~ 1 month

One month. 4 weeks and 3 days to be exact.  It is SO much easier this time around.  I'm not sure if it's Heidi's temperament or simply my parenting skills/expectations.  I'm leaning towards the latter.

This time around, I'm not OBSESSED with parenting books which contradict each other.  I'm not concerned with the clock, ie writing down each feeding time so that I know precisely how long it's been since her last feeding.  I can feed her while laying down which makes nighttime feedings much less severe.  I don't feel the need to change her diaper multiple times throughout the night...and when I do change her, I still don't get out of bed.  I don't care which breast I started with last time... yeah, I try to alternate, but I simply start with the one that feels more full or is more convenient. 

I still can't stand to hear her cry, but there are times when I'm in the midst of a diaper change/ dinner prep/ bedtime routine/ life and she just has to wait.  I don't feel guilty when she is lying in her cradle as opposed to being held (one of the books I read last time preached the importance of holding the baby the majority of the time because, after all, they were held 24/7 before they were born.  However, I will never join the "leave the baby in the car seat" club!  Really, those things are not comfortable for baby nor for the mama who has to lug it around {though there are times when the convenience of this trumps all... like running into the store for a minute}.  SNUGGLE YOUR SWEET BABY!  stepping down from my pulpit now.).  I don't feel burdened when performing normal life duties while wearing the Sleepy Wrap or sling.  I'm not concerned whether she sleeps in her bassinet or on the bed next to me... no guilt is a freeing thing!  (btw:  Heidi is perfectly content to sleep on her own during all her day time naps, but at night... she insists on sleeping in the bed.  Opinionated young lady!)

At one month, Heidi can hold her head up and move it around like a champ.  During the few hours/minutes of awake time each day, her bright, deep blue eyes focus and still as soon as she hears my voice.  When she wants something she either cries or GRUNTS!  It's unlike anything I ever experienced with Hazel.  Heidi is the champ of communicating through growls. 

Jake and I are truly enraptured with this tiny nugget.  We make sure to take the time each day to snuggle her and appreciate her size and sweetness.  Hazel continues to be the adoring sister and kisses her everytime she can get her lips near.  She also mimics me and has been caught "shushing" her baby doll and holding her doll to her chest for a "feeding".  She also insists on holding Heidi, but after about 30 seconds, is ready to push her off her lap!

I tried to take a pic similar to Hazel's 1-month pic... of course this was her minute of awake time today.  And SOMEONE was being a camera hog/ helper and so this is the best picture I took!  (of course, as I'm finishing this blog, Heidi is sleeping peacefully curled up in a ball...the length of my forearm...with the pink scarf thrown over her for warmth.  figures!)

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