40-year-old BFF and her sexy kindergartner

I love it when someone writes my thoughts/ feelings and they say it better than I ever could.  Here's a great article about the appropriate dress for young girls:  http://articles.cnn.com/2011-04-19/opinion/granderson.children.dress_1_elementary-school-girls-push-up-bra-plastic-surgeon?_s=PM:OPINION

Great, eh?  Fortunately, no one that knows me or my husband would ever DARE buy slutty clothes for my beauty queens.  Seriously, I'm lucky that all of the grandparents/ friends really consider our tastes when buying for my girls.  Recently I caught my smother-in-law googling "organic toddler training pants"... that cracks me up!  And now Hazel has some awesome pull-ups made by the talented crafters at www.etsy.com .  Awesome!  As for push-up bras... OVER MY DEAD BODY!  You should see their swim attire... long sleeve upf 50 shirts for Hazel and I'm on the verge of buying Heidi a long sleeve, long pant wetsuit.  I double dog DARE the sun to reach their perfect skin :)

So, my dear future teenage daughters, I'm sorry that you don't have a 40-year-old BFF, but you have a mom who would move mountains for you and if we're lucky.... you'll have a 50-year-old BFF once you reach adulthood :)


  1. Calm down old woman - I used to run around naked as a toddler in AZ, and I'm fine now (well, I'll admit, I do prefer less clothing than more, but only in my own home)! Maybe it's time for Hazel's first bikini...j/k:) But, thongs and push-up bras for girls, yuck...I don't even want to wear that stuff now!

  2. I love this article... I want to shake someone when I think about these ad execs and clothing designers. Shake I tell you. :)

  3. Great article! ;) these people are really crossing the line!


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