Smartie PARTY!

Today, sweet Hazel turned 20-months old.  I've stopped taking the monthly pics and writing her monthly accomplishments, but today is TOO IMPORTANT TO SKIP!


photo from zomgcandy.com
HAZEL WENT PEE PEE IN THE POTTY!  (stop cringing... this is everyday language for me)

I canNOT believe it!  For the past month or so, we've had her potty chairs out and she likes to sit on them (when mama is doing the same.  we're tight like that.) and she LOVES to wipe with toilet paper.  A few times I've taken her diaper off and cheered for her just sitting there.  So tonight, right before putting her pjs on, my preggo-smooshed bladder insisted that I first visit the ladies room.  It seemed convenient to put my 1/2 dressed baby on her potty and 5 seconds later she stands up... and there was liquid in the pot!  HOLY CRAP (he he)!  She IS a child prodigy! 

Ironically, I just bought smarties and dum dums today to use as rewards for baby steps towards toilet training.  So, Hazel enjoyed her first SMARTY PARTY (a tradition we've adopted from her babysitter)! 

I'm thinkin' this girl might just be toilet trained in time for #2's arrival... ok, I don't really think that.  It'll probably be another 6 months till this happens again.  Don't fret, I'll be sure to keep you up to date on her progress ;)  (sigh, there goes the last of the non-related readers...)

*Since I'm at it...other highlights of a 20-month old:  She's pretty fluent in terms of understanding directions.  My favorite example happened last week when Jake ran upstairs and I asked him to bring my slippers back downstairs with him.  He got distracted and before either of us uber-attentive parents realized it, Hazel had climbed the stairs, found my slippers, returned downstairs and handed them to me!; She is really good at responding to statements and questions with "oh", "yes" or "na".; She receivied a Dora "mp3" player and has a tireless fascination with it (who doesn't want to hear the Dora theme song 20 times an hour from 7am to 7pm?).  And no, she doesn't watch the show... she'll watch 3 minutes and then off she goes to play.; She LOVES her baby sister and frequently pulls up my shirt to lay her head against my stomach, say "baby", and give my belly kisses.

**It was all I could do to refrain from taking a picture of said "liquid" and posting it.  I did save it for Jake to see... I'm sure he appreciated it :)


  1. Hallelujah!!! I can totally relate to your excitement... I would call my hubby x number of times a day when my kids were training... just to report progress! :)

  2. Great job Hazel! (Both with the potty and the slippers.) :)

  3. Yay Hazel!!! Congrads on your months accomplishments!! Can we please have a "smarty party" the next time I visit?! Adorable.


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