SING... make it simple, to last your WHOLE LIFE long!

I just discovered that March is National SING WITH YOUR CHILDREN month! 

How cool is that?  I don't mean to brag (yes I do), but Hazel's musical ability is already shining!  I'm totally gonna be that mom that says "I quit piano lessons in 11th grade and regret it, so you will not be allowed to quit.  I didn't even consider going to St. Olaf College (the best college choir in the world), so that decision is already made for her.  Tiger mom WHO? 

She is already the choir conductor for our church choir.  For reals.  Ok, her Grandma Orris is the "real" director and Hazel loves nothing more than watching her and copying her every move.  Needless to say, when Hazel gets in front of the group and waves her arms (shall I pause to mention that she can keep a beat!), the choir collectively shifts its gaze to Hazel and our sound changes as everyone breaks into a smile.  Maybe this week I'll remember to take my video camera to church?  All she needs is to get her hands on Grandma's paycheck :)

She has a tambourine and a drum... and various pots, spoons, toys that make great musical instruments.  Hazel will stop in the middle of a cry when she hears a good beat to start her bootie shake dance.  She is a dancing fiend.  On days when I need a little break, all I need to do is turn on a Barney sing and dance video and she is captivated.

Hazel adding some percussion and dance to Eli's first mandolin lesson...given by my friend, Kirk, an extremely talented musician.  Recently we spent a weekend at a retreat center with about 20 of our friends.  I barely spent any time with her as she bounced from adoring fan to adoring fan.  Hazel is officially his #1 groupie!

Though there is no shortage of music in this house, I'm gonna step it up for March.  We're gonna learn some new songs... any suggestions?

In case you're feeling like Hazel is Miss Perfection herself, let me tell you about her other favorite hobby:  blowing her nose into the couch, leather ottoman or when push comes to shove, her hand.  It's gross.  Oh, and if you stop by for a visit... watch where you sit!


  1. St. Olaf is where Rose Nylund is from! You can watch Golden Girls with her to get her prepped for her college career!

  2. I usually think Hazel resembles your dad in her pictures. But, in this picture, the way that she is smiling, I think she looks like your mom. She is so sweet Julie!! Congratulations on your up and coming #2!!!

    Erin O.


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