Have you stumbled over to Dangling through a Year?  My Aunt has pledged to wear a different pair of earrings everyday for a year.  The reasons behind her choice everyday are inspirational, educational & poetic.  A few weeks ago she wrote about a pair of Tibetan earrings inscribed with the prayer:  Om Mani Pame Hum.  I'm not going to go into detail about the meaning of that prayer (click on the link to her website above), but it really struck a chord with me and the day I read her blog post, I promptly wrote it down and stuck it on my desk.

On our recent trip to Berkely Springs, the prayer was constantly passing through my thoughts.  Then on my 2nd visit to a cool Nepalese store, to purchase the Om change purse (seriously, say Om slowly out loud.  Feel more peaceful?), I noticed these earrings...within my "spend only $20 on souvenirs" budget!  Om Mani Pame Hum is carved into the Yak horns... the perfect thing to dangle from my ears as I pursue the constant struggle to practice perfect generosity, ethics, tolerance, patience, concentration & wisdom.


  1. Woah! Maybe there's something to this dangly earring thing! I'll have to check out the blog for inspiration.

  2. Fun!! I heart dangly earrings!! :)


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