Master Bedroom * Take 1.

As I sit here to write, my heart is literally smiling.  Ever have one of those weeks when everything goes wrong, and yet... you're still flooded with JOY?  Perhaps I should blame the pregnancy hormones?  Or the fact that my long-term subbing job has come to a nice close?  Or the fact that I'm married to a good man?  Or the fact that Hazel is trying to figure out how to jump and it's HILARIOUS? 

A very happy J-ROK.  Holding both of my baby girls.  For the record, I had NO idea my stomach protruded like this until Jake snapped this pic last night!
So, what went wrong?  Let me start by explaining that on Sunday, husband offered to put all of his projects on hold and paint our bedroom.  The room was rarely used before we moved in and the original (30 years people!) white walls were in good condition, just very dull and in need of a little oomph.  He even took a swatch of the headboard to Home Depot to have it color matched... more on this later.  Sunday evening, I was doing some banking and discovered that we went way over budget last month.  Strict orders to tighten up for March... and then MONDAY arrived with a huge thunderstorm.  Roof leaked, basement FLOODED, furnace broke, property tax bill arrived.  GULP.  There goes the goal for March!

God will provide and isn't there something about a peace that passes all understanding?  And so my heart is full of joy, love and peace!

On to the bedroom make-over.  Here is the BEFORE:
YAWN... apart from the awesome headboard (made by yours truly out of a door, some batting and some IKEA fabric) and the vintage stacked suitcases (they came with the house.  thanks Grandma and Grandpa!), this place is BORING!  If you look really closely, there is a dark blue and a lighter grey/blue in the headboard.  I wanted to paint the small headboard wall the grey/blue and the other three walls a nice beige/tan.  Other ideas:  I have extra fabric from the headboard, so maybe I can make some cool throw pillows to spruce up the bed?  How 'bout disguising the wires hanging down from the lamps?

The AFTER * Take 1.

please disregard the cell phone cord and the cheese head camera hog.

No, your computer is screwing with you... the wall is the EXACT shade of the WRONG blue!  Boohoohoo!  I know hubby asked for the right color 'cause he was quizzed repeatedly before he left.  So, clearly the Home Depot paint GUY wasn't paying attention.  I just don't think I can live with this.  It's much better than before, but not what I wanted...  The tan is OK.  I didn't want a yellow-y tan and while this color can have a faint pink hue, but it's very faint and we can live with it!

SO... what do you think?  I think I need a large plant in the corner next to the suitcases and some nice romantic pics of hubs and I and/or meaningful places on the wall... but not sure where.  While you're thinking... I'd like to pick your brains about a few other problem areas in the room:

No, I do not pose her... she sees where the camera is pointing and puts herself there.  I've created a monster!
This is the corner of the room diagonal from my suitcase bedside table.  The print was a gift from my sister years ago when she first moved to Alaska (my handy dad made the gorgeous wooden frame).  It has the perfect shades of blue, the circle motif, and an earthy-vibe.  The chair is just another thing left by my gparents.  I love these wooden chairs, but someday I'd love to have a comfy reading chair here.  My main questions for you:  is the lamp salvageable?  Spray paint, some kind of lamp shade revamp, pitch it and get a new one?  What about window treatments?  The vertical blinds just don't do it for me!

Ok, I'm truly counting on all of you to help me finish this make-over!  Don't be shy :)


  1. I think the blue wall could be really fun if you got a little funky with the rest of your decorations.

    Like put a wall decal up:

    And make your bed more colorful with something like this:

    Then put a chair like this (but in a better color) in the corner:

    Add some awesome curtains (I've lost inspriation with what those should look like).

    And I think the whole room would look totally different and you'd love the fun, funky contrast of the blue wall.

    Those are just some ideas though :)

  2. PS. I'm beyond in love with that photo! You are too friggin cute with your two girls!

  3. Just fyi: I told you so (about that blue color.)
    Gee, it feels so good to be right. I love it.

    I wonder if just sponge painting a dark gray over the blue would help mellow it out. . . It might be an easy way to see if that's what you want to go for. . .

    Why don't you try more of a "denim blue."

    Lamp: Pitch it. IT's hideous, and provides bad light.

    Curtains: Full length, floor length to make the two separate windows seem like one big window area.

    Hazel: What a cutie!

  4. oh, and part of the problem is that bedspread! It's too drab for the funkiness, cheer of the headboard and wall. Maybe find a new comforter to tie in the newly-blue wall?

  5. I agree that you need a more calming blue, or even green, on that accent wall. I also agree with the other comments that you need more color on the bedspread, either blue or green, whichever color you don't use on the wall.
    As for the windows, maybe you could make floor-length curtains out of the same fabric on the headboard. And I think the lamp is salvagable if you get a new lampshade. Maybe a white one, and then paint stripes on it the same color as the accent wall. OR if you don't want to use the headboard fabric for curtains, use a plain color fabric, and then use wrap the lampshade in the headboard fabric. (I think you need it at least one other place in the room.)

  6. Well, it's a strong color, I will say that. But I think like Marianne said, change up the bedspread (Target has some nice ones, not terribly expensive). For the curtains, I would pick maybe that same blue, or green. You just have to pick your main color, and then your accents after.

    So I'm assuming blue is the main color - then I'd use a green from the headboard and maybe a little brown or dark tan or grey (wheat bread by Behr is a great color, I love it). I dunno, ask my sister and mom, they're the interior decorators of the family! But you can work with that blue - I have a red wall and I made that work, so you'll be fine:)

    As for Hazel - adorable! I love how she's already learned to pose in each picture - watch out baby #2!!! And that picture of you 2 is GREAT!

  7. I agree with Mrs. Kasch! A new bedspread in the blues and green colors would be perfect! Maybe something a little more modern would be great and get some coordinating curtains. and I LOVE the idea of sponge painting. I think it would make the wall much better and possibly more of the color than what you were thinking and it beats having to paint it all over again to a different color and then a different color again. Trust me, been through that with our living room and it got boring. i can't pick out your curtains until you pick out new bedding so let me know! LOL jcpenny is great at bedding and curtains.

    Love the idea of the plants and pictures too. If you have lots of pics, arrange them in a funky pattern on the walls, makes it fun. Maybe some wall sconces.

  8. That first picture of you and Hazel is adorable!! Her poses are super cute!

    I kind of like the blue. Maybe I'm on a bright blue kick though:) I don't really have any suggestions for it but maybe I'll be inspired when I see it in person.

    I like the idea of using the fabric elsewhere, like on the lamp shade. What about using it to make valences for the windows? Also I have some floor length curtains (an excessive amount that I won't be able to use, some haven't even been opened...) in both sheer white and beige. If you want them your welcome to them you can even have fun and dye them a dark blue or green :)

    Btw - I LOVE the vintage suitcases! What a great idea. My grandparents have a ton of these. Next time they are getting rid of some I know what to do with them!! :)

  9. I love the headboard fabric. I would like to see more. It might be overpowering to do curtains entirely in it, but you could put a horizontal band of the fabric in the lower third of a plain curtain. And then an accent pillow or cushion for the chair.

  10. While I think your sister is adorable (and funny)... I disagree with her about the lamp. I totally think its rockin' the mod vibe you have going on with the headboard (which is fantastic btw!).

    I'm emailing you some ideas... because I can't help myself and I don't feel like writing it all here!


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