Goodbye 35!

If you're lucky enough to live in my area and chat with my on occasion (ahem), you have undoubtedly listened to me wax on and on about how I'm approaching the gestational date when I had Hazel (about 6 hours after I hit 35 weeks).  Seriously, I'm a bit obsessed with this topic.  Though Hazel was 100% healthy, I do not want to have #2 so early.  Plus I am getting so excited about my home birth and my midwife wants me to make it till next Sunday... so I WILL!

I just finished reading through some old posts I wrote at this point in my last pregnancy.  It's amazing to me how different things are.  Not physically... well, my feet are less swollen (one plus of having a winter/spring 3rd trimester as opposed to summer!), but after talking with 2 friends who have similar due dates, I realize that pregnancy is not as hard on me as it is on many others.  This very likely has a lot to do with being able to nap regularly!  The big difference is in my mental state.  I'm starting to day dream about holding my little baby girl, but I admit that already having a baby at home has made me more nostalgic for these last precious days with just one sweet girl and less overcome with amazement that I'm about to have a baby.

**I started this blog a few days ago and this morning I'm officially more pregnant than I've ever been :)  WOW!  It's funny 'cause though I feel HUGE, I don't feel as big as other women in their 3rd trimester.  That is until I catch my reflection or see myself in a photograph.  WOWSERS!  It's amazing that I can even stand up :)  This baby is breech (just like Hazel was and she turned at some point before delivery), but I'm trully not worried about it!  My midwife will deliver a breech baby, it's just a little longer and more uncomfortable for mama.  In the meantime, I'll be doing inversions, visiting the chiropractor to realign/loosen up, and a few other techniques for encouraging baby to flip.

As for nesting, let's just say that the elusive sewing machine has been working all weekend!  Jake thinks it's funny that I've been working on making my own bedroom prettier as opposed to the kids room.  However, I will be spending A LOT of time in bed with our newborn in the very near future, so it makes sense to me.  On Saturday, I invited some girlfriends over for a craft day.  I have the sweetest friends!  Not only did they bring me ideas/ encouragement/ laughter... they brought all the food!  So, my bedroom make-over is almost done... stay tuned :)


  1. I can't believe your little one will be here so soon! Time has flown Julie! We can't wait to meet her :)

  2. I am WAITING on that bedroom makeover :) You are beautiful Julie... what a lovely mama!

  3. Yay!! So glad you made it past the date!! Can't wait to meet her and see hazel assume the role of big sister!!

    Crafting was fun! Even if I was no help since we both have the same non-tastes;)


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