Be Brave... another one for my interior decorators

I'm getting greedy.  Your ideas were SO helpful with my Master Bedroom (which will be completed soon!). I'm floored with all the great advice I've received on this blog, on facebook, in my email, and even phone calls!  So, because you gals (come on, don't any guys have feedback?) are so talented ... I NEED your wisdom one more time (until the next time).

Last year, Jake's sweet Grandma Tippytoes passed away.  We were lucky enough to receive her dining room set which included a table, 6 chairs, a buffet table and a china cabinet.  We need the furniture and it's the perfect size with tons of extra storage... but it's not my style.  I've confessed before to not knowing my style, but I know what's NOT my style.

The hardest part is I want to DO IT MYSELF and it must be an improvement, not a disgrace to wooden furniture.  Therein lies the rub.  Repainting wood furniture is a crime in some social circles (or is it just the dads in my life that feel that way?).

I recently stumbled upon this inspiring blog post.  So, I'm ready to finally quit talking about it and jump in with both feet.  I'm ready to pull out a paint brush and modernize!  Still not sure if I'm making the right decision?  Spend a minute scrolling through these before and afters!  WOWSERS!

So, help me out... what visions do you have for this CHINA CABINET TURNED TV HUTCH? (the green ball thingy on the top is the accent color I'm going with for the room.  This room is an addition jutting off of our living room so it has lots of windows, a huge brown couch, a dark brown leather ottoman, this hutch, and a few green throw pillows.  A wide open canvas!)


  1. I think that if you're going to paint it, go with something neutral. (Light beige, creamy white, dark brown, etc.) You can always use those pops of bright green like you have them now: as accents.
    As far as the furniture- You're the one who has to live with it- make it what you love!

  2. I agree. White, cream, beige, even a soft green would be nice. I think you have too much dark brown to add another dark brown piece. My opinion, only.

  3. Paint it!!! I used to shy away from painting wood as well but I think a new color on this would brighten up the room. I like white painted wood but in this case I think a green (sage green) or beige would be good. With the white walls white or something to light would get lost. Also I agree with Beth you don't need another dark brown.

  4. My advice, if you do paint it, is to make sure you do a really good job (which I'm sure you would!) There's nothing tackier than painted furniture with drips, uneven paint, etc.

  5. Can you give us any ideas of if/what colors you're going to paint the room? My fear is if you paint it a light color, it will totally blend in with the wall... which isn't a BAD thing, but it's such a FUN and funky piece of furniture, that I'd hate to see it get lost.

    I think one of the issues you might be having is in the stain color. It looks like the rest of the wood is an espresso color (dark stain). If it's solid wood (and not veneer), you an always refinish it. It takes longer than painting, but it could look really awesome.

    That's my 2 cents. Good luck!

  6. if it's not too late to suggest something, if you paint it a creamy tan you can put a piece of fabric in the cut out area of the door that will have your accent color in it and that will help tie the whole thing to your room... it will also give it that more modern look while not looking like a china cabinet... love the accent color by the way!!


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