post Valentine... going postal

Today's project was going to be to blog about my love for Hazel.  She pulled out all the stops yesterday and I even snapped a few photos.  However, she's spent the morning begging for more candy (no), ripping my checkbook out of it's holder (NO), climbing chairs to access my purse and pulling out all my credit cards and kleenexes (NO!), pulling the nighlight out of the socket (NO!), climbing on mama's lap and pulling mama's hair (NO!).  And so that's where we're at this morning.  Not feeling too lovey towards each other. 

Wait.... her crying, rolling on the ground, whimpering just stopped!  Oh, it was just a juice break, she's back at it. 

Perhaps I'll post my lovey thoughts on my sometimes sweet Valentine later in the day?


  1. Oh I hear ya sista!

    Kids make me think of those Sour Patch Kid commercials. "First they're sour, and then they're sweet." One minute, your child is driving you certifiably insane, and the next they're cuddling in your lap and you just want them to stay small forever.

  2. Ashlyn does that with me all the time. Sometimes she's the most wonderful child you will ever meet, the next, she is the spawn of the devil. My mom and I had to take her to physical therapy with us today as we had no babysitter and don't you know, she was the most well behaved child there ever was and how oh-so-sweet she was. I told the one lady that she was more than welcome to come home with me if she wanted to see the true side to Ashlyn. :)


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