Nesting (take 2)

Ok, parents, grandparents, observant people... HELP!

Last night I was reading the 3rd trimester chapter in one of my pregnancy books and I about fell out of bed when I read "Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy".  WHAT?  When did that happen?  Now, I have 77 days left, that's what the ticker at the top of this blog says.  That's 10 weeks (phew, easy math!) ... (correction:  11 weeks.  OH MY- I NEED HELP!) RELIEF.  But WAIT...heart beat increasing... rapidly racing... what if #2 follows suit and arrives 5 weeks early?  OH MY GOODNESS!  Where did my pregnancy go?  Did I sign up for this?  Am I SANE?

Ok, seriously.  I've done NOTHING to prepare for this peanut.  WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR #2?  I didn't let my sister throw me a baby shower, 'cause I have lots of itty bitty girly stuff.  Can I simply pull out my rubbermaid of newborn clothes, set-up the bassinet pack-n-play, buy a pack of newborn disposables and call it a day? 

And as for nesting, oh my.  Husband has been rubbing elbows with farmers for the past few days at a conference and he might not want to come home.  I'm BURSTING with inexpensive ideas of things that need to be done NOW!  I spent quite awhile googling "how to paint kitchen cabinets" last night (this is your fault Starr Family Blog!).  I won't go into details until it's done because there are 2 fathers in my life who are very anti-painting wood.  But I have outdated cabinets and I'M NESTING!

So really, what do you do the 2nd time around?  Should I buy a few new things for the babe?  Should I have a gift registry somewhere?  Should I ... ?


  1. Don't worry, Julie! You have time. You actually have 11 weeks, so even if she comes 5 weeks early, you've gained a week! :)

    I don't obviously have any advice from being a mother myself, but I think that you will be an AWESOME mother to bambino #2. You have lots of wonderful baby things for all of the ages up to where Hazel is now. You're going to be great, she's going to be just fine and won't even know what she doesn't have...

  2. DEar pregnancy-brain daughter, 7 into 77 goes 11 times. You have an extra week. Don't panic.

    You are really all okay. Hazel's newborn clothes are great. The bassinet can be set up in your room. You are in wonderful shape.

  3. Same boat.... I got out and washed the newborn stuff the other day, Eli moved into his new room, we have to set up the cradle. I feel like there should be a million more things that need to be done but I just can't really think of them. Maybe this time around the prep is easier but it is harder after the baby is born?? I am going with that theory.
    I did buy a few pairs of newborn pants and long sleeve tops (Eli was born in August so we don't have any warm newborn clothes).
    Can't wait to meet our new babies!

  4. mothers today are bombarded with way too much information! you are in great shape with all that you have. when we were born our parents didn't know half of what people are told now and we turned out just great. also, just think, somewhere in the world, there's a woman squatting in a rice patty, squirting out a kid, putting them in a papoose, and then finishing her shift. westerners worry too much!

  5. You are in great shape Julie! I had a slight panic too around the same time... I think i was SO prepared for Brayden - nursery set up, baby shower = a lot of crap.. the works..without any of the above, I felt so UNPREPARED ... i had nothing ready... finally just got a couple outfits washed a week before, and made sure i had the bassinet in our room.. that was just about it! Oh, and a pack of diapers :-) Just relax and enjoy the last few weeks, and the nesting... you get so much done! Goodluck mama!

  6. Jul, you'll get all that you need from your midwife, I suppose. Really, what does a newborn need? You've got the boob. You've got plenty of blankets and onesies. Just go get a pack of newborn diapers, and you're set. We didn't even get anything out for Annaliese until ... well, we're still pinch-hitting. You can hardly tell we have a baby here, and we like it that way. I suppose it'll be different when she really starts playing with toys.


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