love is...

(this post is written in Hazel's point of view)

Love is... giving your best friend a kiss.

Love is... surprising Dada at work with an upcycled gift box full of chocolates.
Love is... getting a nice squeeze from your best friend.
Love is... hanging out at the tutoring center and getting more smooches.
Love is... making Valentine's Day cards for your favorite people.
Love is... stealing the card that you gave to your best friend, finding some quiet space, and eating her pretzel stick.  (and having a mama who prepared for this and had extra)
Love is... attending your first Valentine's Day party... even if you need a nap and spend most of the party crying.

Love is... having a Mama and Dada who love you unconditionally forever and always.

*Love is... writing this blog while Hazel and her Dada snuggle on the couch listening to a book of bird calls!   Ooo... new word "cuckoo"... followed by "wow".  Love is THIS MOMENT!

*Thanks to Lizzythebotanist who lovingly sends me emails everytime she stumbles upon cute owl crafts!  This adorable Valentine was made by one of her bloggy friends and can be printed for FREE from this blog.  I might just use it every year... until Hazel asserts her own opinions.


  1. i was going to tell you how cute those cards were!!

  2. cute idea to do pretzels! i was wondering what you'd do since pencils aren't that exciting to little tots.

  3. Super cute! Im glad you guys made up! That first photo is priceless!

  4. Thanks for spreadin' the love :) You have so much to be thankful for!

  5. Super cute. I just want to come back to PA, scoop that little ball of love into my arms and smother her with kisses.

    Granted she might scream that some stranger was attacking her... but you'd know it was just love from an old friend :)

    And when you say "until she asserts her own opinions" you mean next year. Caleb is on the cusp of 2 and those opinions are coming out in FULL FORCE! Prepare yourself.


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