Country Road

On Friday, hubs and I enjoyed a rambling country drive and headed down to Berkeley Springs, WV.  We're on our "babymoon" (why is that word so DORKY?) and we're lovin' live and each other.  This is the perfect destination for a weekend away.  Berkeley Springs is a cute town with cute shops and delicious foods. 

We arrived in town in the late afternoon and I went straight to the Bath House for my massage.  Ahhh... bliss.  Then we headed to Tari's for an amazing 4 course dinner.  A very windy walk around town and off to bed (above Tari's).  We found the most amazing deal:  $180 for 2 nights in their "non ritzy" rooms which includes a 4 course dinner for 2 and a 3 course lunch for 2.  We've eaten very very well.  Gourmet foods, 4 total desserts, 4 take home boxes currently sitting on our bed making up for late lunch/ no dinner plan for the day.  If we had paid for our meals, we would have spent over $130 on our meals alone.  Yes, the room is lacking in charm, but it's clean and to campers, it's luxurious!  Even better, we're smack in the middle of the tourist section!  It's so great to run up to our own bathroom between stores (who's the preggo?).

FINALLY, the much requested... BELLY PICS :)  Don't look too closely, these were taken right after our steamy bath.  Top left corner is a White Oak standing strong against the forest.  Bottom middle was taken at a scenic overlook near-by:  the Potomac River, MD (left of river), WV (right of river), PA (distant ridges) and if I had taken a panoramic pic, VA too!

 We spent today walking the 3 touristy blocks, browsing through fun, artsy stores, napping, eating/ gorging, soaking in the hot springs (private tub for two... clothing optional!), enjoying the $4 movie theater (2 doors down), discussing baby names, dreaming about future plans for our home/land/farm...  Yes, a wonderful weekend indeed.

HOWEVER, it's night #2 and I'm getting antsy to get back to this:

DANCE PARTY (this past Thursday night).  Hazel got a "Dora" book with fake MP3 player for Valentine's Day.  She LOVES the theme song and breaks out in dance every time.  I'm not sure where she learned her sweet moves, but as you can see... she totally rocks out!

Yeah, I've enjoyed my time away to just be with Jake... but I can't WAIT to bury my face in these curls...
and cover this babe in hugs and kisses. 


  1. I've driven through that town so many times to get to VA Beach, and it looks very cute. Glad you had a chance to get away...it's always nice to have alone time:)
    P.S. I just heard the name Ella May, thought that was cute!

  2. Last comment wasn't really by Mike, it was me:)

  3. You know you've really enjoyed your time away when you're ready to go home. So glad you had the chance to get away!

  4. Well deserved trip... my mama always said that your kiddos need to see you take time for eachother!

    ps... you are adorable.

  5. Dude! Hazel and Caleb can have serious dance parties together. Caleb's got the "white boy fist pump" down pat. And Hazel looks like she's got he white girl body shimmy/shake ready for the dance floor. She's seriously adorable.

    Happy y'all have a chance to do a little getaway and be all romantic again. Next time, you should do this when you're trying to conceive... then you can have a glass of wine too ;)

    Anywho, love this blog, it was lotsa fun and I L-O-V-E the belly pics. FINALLY! :)

  6. Looks like you can learn something from this little ones dance moves!! ;) Glad you guys had a great weekend away!!

  7. PS Just wanted to let you know I come back and look at these photos when I need a smile. Your little girl is just so much fun. I'll have to show her some dance moves next time I'm in town.


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