Today the love of my life (aww) turned 33.  If you think of this age in terms of this is the age Jesus Christ was when he died, it's a bit humbling.  I mean, Jake's only performed two miracles (our baby girls).  However, he's done more things in his 33 years than the average Joe, so I'm gonna continue to adore him.

In honor of his big day, my parents grilled some filet mignon... oh wow... and bought a case of Rolling Rock.  Know why?  (The #33 is on the bottles.  Many theories on why, but today we're going with the theory that it's in honor of the year the Steelers were formed.).

no, she didn't drink any beer!

Speaking of Steelers, we're not a traditional sport family.  I'm watching the game, but obviously I'm not fully concentrating.  Jake watched a few minutes, ate the yummy snacks and then headed out to the wood shop to build our futon couch (yay!).  Hazel watched the whole first half and even waved the terrible towel!  Then, I dumped her into bed without so much as a song so that I didn't miss any of the 1/2 time show (my favorite part!).
at least we look like good fans ;)


  1. Yes! You all have the apparel! Much better fans than us. Miss watching it with my dad! Are you enjoying his hooting and hollering?!

    Happy birthday, Jake!

  2. Awe, I'm so proud that you all have on Steeler gear:) I wish Mike would've let me take a picture of us, we were also decked out (of course, we had on our "lucky" Steeler gear, which didn't help us win:(, oh well, next year!). And Happy Birthday Jake! I didn't know he was so old:P

  3. Happy Birthday Jake!

    PS I secretly hate you for not having 5 chins while pregnant... clearly you're just not taking fully advantage of the calorie fest that is pregnancy ;)

    Super cute y'all!

  4. Yea for the Steelers!!! Too bad they lost, but it was a good game.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!! Super cute!! I think I see a baby bump;)

  6. Go Browns...and happy belated birthday Jake!


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