silver lining to a babe's fever

I'm going to loose my "MOM OF THE YEAR" nomination for this one... but I'm willing to be honest and say there are some up sides to Hazel's fever:  CUDDLES! 

Hazel's nose has been increasingly runny all weekend, but since her friend at Day Care had a runny nose, we were expecting this- no biggie.  Then yesterday she was a cuddle monster!  Dada held her and rocked for hours, not 'cause she was fussy, just 'cause she would let him.  Then I did the same, tho ugh we were sitting and I was singing.  I couldn't BELIEVE she was willing to sit for so long.  Then she wanted a 2nd nap... and I began to worry.  1/2 way through her nap, she was fussy, so I joined her (Sunday afternoon bliss).  I awoke to a steaming baby.  Her fever peaked at about 101.7 and it was a very long night.

However, I'm not working today and her Pediatrician is available to see her this morning.  Double SCORE! 

So this morning I'm VERY THANKFUL for the fact that Hazel has insurance and can be seen immediately when she is sick. 

You may remember in the not-so-distant past when Hazel was uninsured for about 6 months.  During that time there, I did not ONCE wonder if she needed to see the Docter.  Granted, I was not working and she was not exposed to the public's germs on a frequent basis.  Still, this morning, I'm thanking God for her health and I'm thanking all tax paying citizens for her health insurance.


  1. Awe! Poor Hazel! What a nice way to spend a Sunday though:)

  2. I'm glad that she can see a doctor, too. What's the diagnosis?
    love you. love her, too!


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