shriveled deep thoughts

Why don't raisins taste anything like grapes? 

Why doesn't grape flavored candy taste anything like grapes?

These were my deep thoughts as I was passing raisins back to my little snacker during our drive home today.  One for you, three for me... I love being the snack disperser!

A grape-related story:
Years ago, when my sister and I were elementary aged tyrants, my family took a trip to Switzerland to visit relatives.  It was amazing and mind blowing and laid the foundation for my travel lust.  Anyway, one day, my sister and I were given some francs and allowed to walk from the family farm, through a cool tunnel, into town, to the CANDY STORE!  Gah!  What I would give to be able to walk to a Swiss candy store right NOW.  I no longer remember if we bought chocolates or cookies, but I DO remember following the recommendation of the cashier (who thought we were adorable)... we bought GRAPE CANDY.  Gah!  It was the worst thing that ever entered my mouth.  Little square pellets of CRAP.  Seriously, it might have been made from pig by-product from the family farm... it was that gross.

And that my bloggy friends is why I dislike grape flavored things to this day... until I find a candy that's actually GRAPE flavored.  And please, will someone please explain the raisin thing to me? 


  1. there's a japanese grape gum that takes just like concord grapes...have you had that? it's amazing. i'll have to see if i can find some for you.

  2. here's a link (the grape is in the bottom left-hand of the package. mmm...


  3. Seriously. I can still taste its horridness. It's probably the only candy in my LIFE that I've hated. Absolutely HATED! And do you remember that they were slightly gummy, so the taste was STUCK to our teeth!?

    Since then, I've had that candy one time again. (Still horrid!) What LOOKED like grapes on the wrapper were really black currants. Of course, we couldn't tell that! So, it wasn't grape at all- which only added to the disappointment and disgustingness.
    FUnny post. I'm laughing out loud.


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