pregnancy 2.0

Poor baby #2, if my current trend continues, there will be no posts or pictures until she can blog herself!  Part of my hesitation comes out of respect for some people dear to me who yearn to be preggers themselves.  This was the case last pregnancy too, but it was all so new and exciting and I couldn't contain myself.  Not to mention, this is my personal journal and there are some things that need to be recorded. 

This time... if I end the day with a thread of energy, I play with Hazel before I crash on the couch at 7:03pm.  For weeks I've been meaning to get a belly pic, but there's no time for pics in the morning and by dinner... my looks would scare the blind (or visually impaired, whichever is more polite).

The other day I asked Jake if I was this uncomfortable last time and just forgot.  His reply was "well, you sure do complain more this time".  Hmm... I'm gonna go with the idea that pregnancy gets a little harder each time.  Last pregnancy I was SO in love with being pregnant that I was one step away from signing up for surrogacy.  This time, I'm very relieved (and almost positive) that this will be my last go-around :)

My belly is large and protruding.  It feels heavy and awkward.  My back hurts.  I think I waddle.  My outfits border on ridiculous (just ask the group of senior high kids who, after one commented on my striped tights, voted...at my request... on whether I was fashionable or not.  Let me say, it didn't go in my favor... though the kids seemed to enjoy my prancing on the stage and posing.  Oh my.).  My brain is sludge.  I'm tired ALL.THE.TIME (which is totally different from all the other times I've said "I'm tired all the time"). 

I do LOVE feeling her little kicks, a constant reminder of the most amazing miracle and with each flutter I'm reminded of how lucky I am.  I can't believe there's a baby in my future.  I can't imagine feeling this way about another being.  I'm excited...nervous...overwhelmed...impatient...thankful...curious...


  1. I bet you are beautiful pregnant gal! :) And you better post pics of this babe!

  2. Gotta love a husband's honesty!

    I think it is tougher the second time around, esp. since we tend to get bigger faster---whereas the first time around, it's really only that last month that's tough for most.

    Can't wait to see the sisters together. :)

  3. It's all worth it in the end, isn't it?:)

  4. I hope I'm not the one raining on your pregnancy parade. I am all for lots of belly photos and pregnancy joy. In fact I think I might have to start threatening you that I'll be more depressed if I DON'T see a belly picture soon. Ideally one that involves Hazel kissing your belly... those are SO CUTE!

  5. So...here's the deal. You love, love that first baby. She's so special. YOu have so many pictures. She steals your heart like you never knew could happen.

    Then the 2nd baby comes. You aren't so attentive to all that is happening. But somehow, that 2nd baby sneaks into your heart strings and captures you totally ...unexpectedly. You are surprised at how in love you are with this special child. You expected to be in love the first time. But that 2nd one...ahhhh....it's a marvel. Precious.

    Trust me. I know.
    I love you, 2nd precious daughter.

  6. Julie, you are a wonderful Mama :) I'm excited to meet your newest little one! I love your Mom's comment, too :)

  7. Aunt Beth, that was so sweet! Tears are budding.


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