Orris family Christmas present

This year for Christmas, I decided to take advantage of some visiting Alaskans who I love very very much and arranged for a family photo shoot. 

I should mention that due to travel schedules and nap schedules, the photographer came to my HOUSE, set up extensive backdrop and lighting, and took the pics.... ON CHRISTMAS EVE morning. 

And that my bloggy friends is a perk of keeping a friend since Kindergarten.  Some might call it extortion, but when you've got someone near and dear who is so talented, well, I'd be a fool not to ask for a favor (psst to Jamie:  after all these years, you need to learn to say NO to your craz-o friend, Julie)!

Here are a FEW of my favs:
Hazel in her Christmas dress from her Gma B.  This would be the LAST smile we saw during the photo shoot ;)

If I could bottle the love Hazel has for her cousin, major world leaders would be singing Kum Ba Ya... though they might also sit on each other... Hazel really wanted to sit on top of Annaliese!
This is my favorite photo of ALL TIME!  CLASSIC.

My gorgeous family.  I love them.

The original Orris quartet. 

Thanks Jamie for going the extra mile for this craz-o family!  For the rest of you, head over to http://www.wilsonklughphotography.com/ if you live near western PA.


  1. I also love, love the picture of Jake holding Hazel on his shoulders. You should definitely add that one :))))

  2. These are great, but your mom's comment makes me think that there are MORE!! Let's see them!!

  3. LOVE them!!! Sooo cute!! Hazel is so sweet with her cuz. Can't wait to see her in action as a big sis!!

  4. I think I just got diabetes!! SOOO adorable!!! :)


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