Just call me a chameleon...

...that is if I lived in the DESERT! 

I just prepped my work outfits for the week.  Hello, my name is Julie and I have a problem.

Side note:  I always intend to prep my outfits for the week, but rarely do it past the first week of work (I've been off for 3 weeks, so I guess this counts).

pretty sure this is EXACTLY what I look like.
Anyway, I prepped SIX outfits and have them pressed and arranged in my closet.  IT'S LIKE DESERT STORM IN THERE!  Four of the outfits are almost completely brown or khaki.  One of the outfits has BLUE and one has BLACK... how exciting!  Seriously, why has no one told me about my color palate problems?  The upside to this dilemma is that I have 3 pairs of brown boots and no black boots.  Since my driveway has a FOOT of snow in it, I'm glad I can cover my ankles almost every day.


  1. Hahaha! We should exchange some clothing. I think it would fix both of our problems. I can't believe your clothes are ready a week in advance. I throw mine on 5 minutes before I have to be at work. Hazel is a little doll. I wish our little ones could play sometime.

  2. I don't call this a problem.... I call it practical. Shoes and accessories can go with any of the outfits and you don't have to separate your laundry. Jeff always teases me because my closet is all shades of brown and gray.

  3. I'm with ya.
    The Gray Sister


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