I just CALLED to say I LOVE YOU!

Ok, since everyone who has communicated with me in the past 24 hours has mentioned my phone issues... I need to say, CALL ME... IT'S COOL! 

I mean, my Grandma called me five times today and I answered the phone EVERY SINGLE TIME and I still love her.  So, if you call me less than 5 times, I'll definitely still love you too :)

Oh, and I totally think people should have pets as companions! 


  1. Well I am ever so glad you changed your mind about pets... because we are picking up our 2 puppies tomorrow morning! I laughed so hard at your post the other day, just knowing we were getting dogs! Guess you won't be making a trek to Wooster :)

  2. But if you get Julie's voice mail...don't be surprised! jake and I look at each other and roll our eyes every time we try to call Julie and she doesn't answer.


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