18 months of the greatest science experiment of all time

REALLY?  Hazel has been alive and out of my womb for 18 MONTHS?  Many of you have continued to visit this blog after my repeatidive disbelief that my child ages and the reflections on how much I want to stop time when it comes to my daughter.  Thank heavens I didn't!  Yes, I loved her in her "slug like" state, but now... NOW... NOW... oh my goodness she is so FUN!  Jake is always telling her, "waking up to see you makes every day feel like Christmas morning".  Such a perfect way to describe parenthood.

Yes, there are many mornings when I would much rather be selfish and have time to lounge in bed and eat a leisurely breakfast...withOUT sharing.  However, then she cups her tiny hand to my cheek or slides that silky smooth hand into mine or gives me the classic toddler kiss (open lips, press briefly to mama's cheek or other body part... this can get very interesting during yoga) and my heart leaps with the joy of getting to spend time with this heavenly creature.

Hazel, at 18 months, your personality is blooming.  You're a tad stubborn, very observant and LOVE to laugh.  Just try to hide a treat after you've glimpsed it... IMPOSSIBLE!  Even if you "appear" to stop paying attention and I shove the candy cane between the couch cushions... BANG you pull it out.  Very sneaky little one!  Mama clearly isn't sneaky enough!

You love saying the word "baby" and use it for pretty much everything you want.  Usually a doll or paci (you're currently on day 6 of falling asleep without that.  This part of the "science experiment" is a little rough, but overall you're doing great... and I'm spending part of every evening in the fetal position till you stop screaming).  I've noticed that you do say other words, they're just a little hard to understand because you mostly just say the first syllable.  My favorite new "sound" is when you SING "la la la".  You do this mostly when someone else starts singing a song on "las".  Your Gma K is the one that figured that out.

You HATE the word "no", unless you're the one saying it.  Just the sound of that word convinces you that whatever it is you were doing or wanted is the most important thing in the world.  If we don't give in, you lie face down on the carpet and cry.  Oh how do you know the classic tantrum pose?  Well, in response to this phenomenon, your dada and I have pulled out our "Love and Logic:  Parenting for early childhood" book and have started time outs.  Monday morning you had 6 time-outs before 10:00 and you've quickly adjusted and already rarely need them!

You can walk, run, feed and cuddle your dolls, cook fantastic pretend meals, turn pages in books, play peek-a-boo till the cow's come home, and bring everyone joy.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


p.s.  For the record, Hazel almost always wears clothes, just not for the photo shoot sessions.  I'll have no one to blame, but myself someday when you choose an "alternative" career!


  1. Beautifully written! You guys are such great parents. :)

    And I love the photo collage. I'd like you to teach me how the next time we get together, please.

  2. And, Hazel, when you walk up to the path to Llama's...and you burst into a smile and a little hand wave. (Hand on cheek, opening and shutting your fingers), you melt your our hearts! We never tire of it. Just like we never tire of seeing your mom walking up the same path!

    Yesterday, Haze, your Grandpa loved having one on one time with you. He said that you looked into each other's eyes and got to know each other even better :)

  3. so sweet. What a darling niece I have~

  4. Sweet letter. Hazel will treasure these. Love the collage!


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