Scaredy Cat

This is Hazel's first time playing dress-up.  To say that she didn't get it is putting it very mildly!  Despite the mirror we had ready, she rubbed and rubbed everytime dada tried to be artistic with the make-up.  Regardless, the result is bound to turn even the most feline-opposed into a true cat lover!

(notice that she had to stalk some prey... the elusive owl... in order to have a treat bag)
Hazel visited 4 houses this year and her bag was bursting at the seams.  I want to point out that I'm the only shmuck who gave her chocolate!  Kind of ironic for a mama who tries to be so careful with sweets :)

(she also had a mega cute tail... hopefully her Gma Orris got a pic of that!)



I wish...

I wish that I could feel emotions as purely as Hazel.
  • feel happy?  giggle and laugh.
  • feel needy?  walk up to a loved one and snuggle my face into them till they pick me up.
  • feel sad/angry/disappointed?  put my head on the ground and scream (it's funniest when she does this while still standing).
  • need attention?  smile at everyone around until they notice my cuteness.
  • once the moment passes... move on to the next task.  emotions have been recognized, felt, and eased. 
I wish that I had the life of one of my cats.
  • sleep all day if I feel like it with no guilt or chores piling up.
  • meow at someone until they provide food (ok, I wouldn't like eating the same thing all the time).
  • play outside to my heart's content... or until it's naptime again.
I wish I was a true minimalist.
I wish I could buy everything my little heart desired
   (notice the internal conflict?)

On that note, I am once again posting a HOLIDAY WISH LIST.  It's shameless, but I know some people appreciate the guidance... while others prefer complete surprises.  I truly don't need much this year...unless an in-home chef is in your budget.  So, mostly this wish list is for Hazel.  She's the one that's fun to shop for anyway!  I promise not to look and see what's been purchased.  You can use this as guidance or buy straight from the registry.  I'll be adding to it over the next few weeks. 

The Kosker Family Christmas Registry:


Favorite Season

I LOVE fall!  The colors, the SMELLS, the crunchy leaves, the pumpkin baked goods, the slight chill in the air... I love it all!

The past two weekends have been 100% sublime.  Here are a few of my favorite things:

Hiking on a bed of golden leaves.  Enjoying a toasty campfire (notice how helpful Hazel was to her dada in making the fire!).  Feeding Hazel her FIRST MOUNTAIN PIE :)

Playing in the sweet smelling leaves!  Below you'll notice that Hazel and Jake invented a new game that had them ROLLING!  Hazel feeds dada leaves, he accepts them, he spits them out, commence best baby giggling we've ever heard, repeat.  And... snugglin' with my loved ones due to that nip in the air.

Spending time with loved ones!  Here the Tost family visits our pseudo-farm for the first time.  The boys (2 big, 2 little) enjoyed collecting eggs, feeding our flocks of rabbits, quail & chickens, harvesting our pumpkin patch, riding in the tractor.  We had perfect weather and took a short walk around the property.  Gavin (4 years old) enjoyed picking up every huge branch/tree he could lift and playing in the leaves.  The dads were into their fatherly roles and enjoyed carrying their babes.  The moms spent most of the visit lounging on the couch... yup, a perfect weekend!


tv mom

In my mind, I am a perfect TV mom.  I have a perpetually clean house.  I always have a smile and kind word for my husband.  I put healthy, balanced, homemade meals on the table EVERY night.  I give my child only healthy, educational toys, which I fully engage in playing with her... along with a healthy dose of reading and music.  I never complain and my acquaintances are most often left in awe of my "togetherness".

Why is my reality so utterly different?  (Hazel has been standing at my lap screaming bloody murder the entire time I'm posting this.  The carpet under her feet is filthy.  She just licked snot off her lips 'cause the drips have been ignored while I'm writing this.  There's a frozen pizza in the oven.  And despite the fact that my hubby babysat this morning so I could have a Dr.'s appt. in peace and during that time he did laundry AND cleaned the fridge... I'm probably gonna fail at biting my tongue when he returns home from hunting... because you know, my life is so hard with one baby girl who just wants my attention...)

Thank goodness I'm not a Reality TV horror show!


Do what you love

I've enjoyed my bloggy break, but I'm ready to once again chronicle the life of my family and the randomness of my musings. I love blogging and wish I had an Assistant who I could verbalize my blogs to throughout the day and let him/her post them. However, that's not reasonable and I'm looking forward to using this as an outlet/journal again! We've got to do the things we love!

Speaking of things we love... we've discovered Hazel's favorite activity.

Playing the PIANO! Of course, this makes this music-lovin' mama very happy! A few weeks ago, we moved our keyboard out of the guest room and into the living room so that I would be more inspired to play piano and sing... things I LOVE. However, Hazel rarely lets me at the keyboard. She absolutely LOVES to play! She loves to bang on the keys, change the instruments, dance to the demo setting, and my favorite... play the piano with one hand and her drum with the other. How she figured this out, I'll never know, but she often drags the drum over to the piano! Recently, we lowered the piano so that she doesn't have to wait for one of us to pick her up onto the bench or help her down (also because I heard her playing a WIDE range of notes and when I checked on her, discovered she was walking back and forth ON THE BENCH!). I'm shocked at the amount of time she will spend doing this. Her attention span has grown exponentially!

What thing or things do you love that you would like to find more time for?
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